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How BeThrifty Positioned Their Business for European Expansion with an UpViral Giveaway Campaign

How BeThrifty Positioned Their Business for European Expansion with an UpViral Giveaway Campaign

BeThrifty is in the process of expanding their clothing events to new European markets, so they want to increase brand awareness, grow their email list and attract more social followers to spread the word about their two business lines. Using UpViral helped them gain a bigger audience in a fun and exciting way!

How Niek Theeboom's 3-Pronged UpViral Giveaway Campaign Snowballed into 30K Leads and $34K in Revenue
Niek Theebom

How Niek Theeboom's 3-Pronged UpViral Giveaway Campaign Snowballed into 30K Leads and $34K in Revenue

With a 14-day UpViral giveaway campaign Montem generated 30,791 leads for Bataleon and created an additional $34,000 in revenue within 60 days of closing the campaign. But what was unique about this UpViral campaign was that it ran simultaneously in Europe, the U.S., and Canada.

Silvia Llop's UpViral Campaign Generates 2934 Referred Leads in Just 30 Days
Silvia Llop

Silvia Llop's UpViral Campaign Generates 2934 Referred Leads in Just 30 Days

Silvia's first UpViral campaign was an outstanding success. It generated 2395 direct leads and 2934 referral leads. In fact, she had more referral leads, which is even hard to achieve for more experienced UpViral users!

Maximizing Brand Awareness and Sales with an UpViral Book Funnel

Want to Generate Leads and Sales and Build Your Brand with a Book Giveaway? Learn from Horatiu Manea's $150000 UpViral Campaign

Book funnels are hot in marketing circles, but Horatiu Manea’s UpViral book giveaway campaign is on fire! Horatiu generated nearly 3000 leads with the giveaway in just 30 days. Even more exciting? The same campaign has generated over $150000 in sales on autopilot over the course of a year. If you’ve ever thought about writing and promoting a book to build your brand, you won’t want to miss this outstanding case study.

Less is More: Amiel’s Simple Evergreen Lead Gen ‘Upsell’ Strategy Generates Over 7900 Leads with a 59% Referral Rate
Amiel Riss

Pandemic Panic? Not for Digital Marketer Amiel Riss! His UpViral Evergreen Lead Magnet Scores 7900 Leads and a 59% Referral Rate

Amiel Riss didn’t panic when his digital marketing agency began to slow down in the early stages of the pandemic. In the background, Amiel and his wife created a new educational website as an income source. After using UpViral in his client work, Amiel knew that UpViral was the perfect tool to use to promote an evergreen lead magnet for the new website. Here’s how Amiel used UpViral to generate over 7900 leads to date, with a spectacular 59% referral late…

From 0 to 4,500+ Subscribers and $4,775 in Sales Using One UpViral Campaign

From 0 to 4,500+ Subscribers and $4,775 in Sales Using One UpViral Campaign

Despite having zero leads and no organic presence on the web, the company called Friendly Rugs managed to run a 4-week campaign generating 4,508 leads with 30% referred leads, $4,775 in sales and 3,087 social media shares and interactions.

Tickets for Good’s Impressive Campaign Proves Referral Marketing is a Godsend for Businesses Who Can’t Use Paid Ads

Event-based business "Tickets for Good's" collects 13,300 new leads within 14 days

Tickets for Good, a UK-based company that distributes free event tickets, used UpViral to collect 13,300 new leads and 900 Facebook group members in a 14-day campaign.

Leading Saints’ UpViral Campaigns Score $250,000 in Donations and 30,000 Leads (and the Numbers Just Keep Climbing 📈)

Leading Saints Pivot to Online Fundraising with UpViral Leads to $250,000 in Donations and 30,000 Targeted Subscribers

When nonprofit foundation Leading Saints found their traditional fundraising avenues dried up in the pandemic, founder Kurt Francom knew it was time to pivot to online fundraising. Kurt decided to hold a virtual summit fundraiser. He had some success, but didn’t quite hit it out of the park with his campaign. When some marketing friends suggested that he promote his next summit with UpViral, Kurt was blown away by the incredible results…

An Influencer Giveaway That Resulted In 12,677 Leads for a Tech Client Using UpViral

UpViral + Influencer Strategy Reaps 12,667 Leads Generated in Just 10 Days

If you’ve ever wondered about how to power up an UpViral campaign with shout outs from an influencer in your market, you’re in for a treat. Lesna, a Romanian marketing firm, used this strategy with spectacular results for their client iStyle – to the tune of 12,667 leads collected in less than two weeks.

Agency’s Multi-Brand Giveaway Event Leverages Prizes from Other Businesses to Score 6000 Fresh Leads for a Seasonal Business

Multi-Brand Giveaway Event Leverages Prizes from Other Businesses to Score 6,000 Leads for a Seasonal Business

This multi-brand giveaway campaign resulted in almost 10,000 visits to the contest landing page, 4,300 unique leads, an additional 1,579 referred leads, and a 20% boost in back-to-school sales.

Discover How G4 Educaçao’s 1st UpViral Campaign Crushed It with 60,000 Leads and $1.5 Million in Sales

UpViral Helps Brazilian Business Education Firm G4 Educaçao Crush It with a $1.5 Million Dollar Product Launch

G4 Educaçao had a lofty goal in mind: to pull off the biggest launch in their three-year history. To accomplish this goal, operations manager Gabriel Bechi knew that G4 would need to attract at least 50,000 qualified leads to reach their sales goals. With UpViral’s help, G4 not only crushed that goal, but also had lead acquisition costs of a mere .06 per lead and produced total sales of over $1.5 million USD (including an unexpected $40,000 revenue stream!)

Florence Scores 24,523 Leads in Only 30 Days with Her Very First UpViral Campaign

How a Serendipitous Email Led to 24,523 Leads in Just 30 Days

When the pandemic forced Quantum Way to change their focus from live to online events in 2021, Florence Bernard received an email from a competitor that was instrumental in the company gaining 24,523 targeted leads inside a single month. What was inside this mysterious email that changed the company’s fortune was...

5,580 Leads (And an Unexpected $1.2K in Sales) From a Simple E-Commerce Giveaway

Her Campaign for an eCommerce Client Lead to 5580 Leads and $1200 in Unexpected Sales

Nothing is better than results that exceed all expectations. And Daniela, founder of South African marketing firm Savvy Social delighted her eCommerce client with an UpViral campaign that had an original goal of attracting new leads and increasing social engagement (and also made $1200 in sales without even trying)...

Heart-Centered Financial Guru’s Ingenious UpViral Campaign Delivers an Unheard of 761% ROAS

Venezuelan Financial Guru Scores Mind-Blowing 751% ROAS and $8600 in Sales with a 3 Day Campaign

Jocelyn Quintero’s UpViral campaign for her company ‘Armonía Financiera’ featured a deep understanding of the psychology of her target audience of women aged 35-60. Her case study offers extraordinary insights on how to maximize your UpViral results by considering the deepest needs and wants of your target audience...

How a PPC Manager and Lead Strategist Collected 10,631 Leads By Giving Away a Massage Chair

How a PPC Manager and Lead Strategist Collected 10,631 Leads By Giving Away a Massage Chair

Collected tons of passive social followers for your e-Comm store brand but unsure how to turn them into engaged subscribers? PPC Manager Shawn McCarthy used an UpViral giveaway campaign to turn his client’s social followers into enthusiastic subscribers. The campaign helped Shawn’s client gain 10,631 new email subscribers, and make $7000 in new sales on a $4000 budget (a remarkable 1.75x ROAs.)

The Client’s Only Complaint Was That The Phone Wouldn’t Stop Ringing

“The Client’s Only Complaint Was That The Phone Wouldn’t Stop Ringing”

Bruno Cordeiro came up with an evergreen UpViral campaign for a local restaurant “Kumbucas Grill Restaurant” that resulted in 151 direct leads and 2219 referred leads on a tiny ad budget of only $10. He then replicated this campaign for other local business clients with equally impressive results. If you own a local business or marketing agency, Bruno's case study is a must read.

Brazil’s Referral Marketing King Shares the Groundbreaking Strategies that Captured Over 91,000 Leads (and Earned Over $115k) in a Single Month

Brazil’s Referral Marketing King Shares the Groundbreaking Strategies that Captured Over 91k Leads (and Earned Over $115k) in a Single Month

Rodrigo Noll stopped by the Co-Pilot show to deliver a virtuoso marketing masterclass. Not only did Rodrigo share his results from a remarkable client campaign for “Dr. Italo Marsili” that generated over 91K leads and $115k in sales in just 30 days, but also gave us a deep dive into marketing psychology and advanced evergreen referral marketing strategies you can start implementing immediately.

How Marketing Agency Owner Nina Franks Acquired 3,311 Leads and $4900 in Sales for a Beauty Brand

How Marketing Agency Owner Nina Franks Acquired 3,311 Leads and $4900 in Sales for a Beauty Brand

Agency owner Nina Franks created an UpViral campaign for a beauty E-commerce client “Elixeri” that was so successful that the client asked her to shut down the campaign after only 21 days. Not only did Nina generously share her entire campaign with us, she also provided invaluable insights for agency owners to consider when creating viral campaigns.

 How Terry Mitchell Uses UpViral to Run Recurring Campaigns That Generated 94,601 Leads So Far

This Australian eCommerce Business’s “One Campaign a Year” Strategy Increases Email Leads by 146.76%

Terry Mitchell & his wife, Shelly, run a new UpViral campaign for their eCommerce business each month, yet they only create one new campaign from scratch per year. By keeping it simple, Terry and Shelly have over 94601 targeted email leads with the help of UpViral.

How Siddharth Pal Got 4,691 Leads With An 80% Referral Rate (Without Spending A Penny On The Prizes)

He Spent $0 on Prizes for His Campaign, Yet Still Produced 4691 Fresh Leads in Just 22 Days

Siddharth Pal leveraged donated prizes in a genius UpViral campaign that generated 4691 leads with a massive 80% referral rate. But that’s not all. This campaign created instant brand awareness for his business, set him up with a positive email sender reputation and formed solid brand partnerships with the businesses who donated the prizes. Here’s how he did it . . .

How Gisèle Rebel Generated 2,599 Leads and 8,000€ In Sales from One Father’s Day Campaign

This ‘Smoking Hot’ Father’s Day Campaign Helped a Restaurant Business Launch Their New Online BBQ Shop

Gisèle Rebel runs an agency that helps hospitality business owners gain social media exposure for their businesses. When her client wanted to build buzz and generate leads for their new online BBQ store, Gisèle turned to UpViral for a perfectly timed campaign that generated 2,599 Leads and €8,000 in sales over two and a half weeks.

How Eric Flanagan Reached an Audience Growth of 2,898 Leads for a Destination Food Shop

Dublin-Based Food Shop Pivots with UpViral and Nets 2,898 Leads for their New eCommerce Store

Brick-and-mortar specialty food retailer Fallon & Byrne needed to get the word out fast about their new eCommerce store when pandemic restrictions severely limited their foot traffic. UpViral provided the perfect solution to increase their audience—but their clever campaign twist helped them double their campaign exposure without spending a penny.

An Evergreen “Holiday With Your Dog” Campaign That Got 64,748 Leads, Increased Bookings, and Sparked Loyalty

This UpViral Campaign “Went to the Dogs” and Collected 64,748 Leads in an Evergreen Campaign

Dutch holiday firm Van Maanen wanted more exposure and bookings for their pup-friendly holiday homes. UpViral provided the perfect solution to grow their audience, add bookings, and also helped them get national exposure in magazine and television interviews. If you’re in the hospitality industry, this case study will inspire you.

How “I SAY” Used UpViral to Get 60,340 Leads and Promote a Tourist Destination

The Simple UpViral Campaign that Netted Over 60,340 Leads and Boosted Tibetan Tourism

I SAY’s UpViral campaign proves that successful UpViral campaigns don’t need to be complicated or need a big ad budget to be highly effective. CEO Ralph di Segni was thrilled how a one-month UpViral helped his company generate 60,340 leads for his PR firm on a low-budget. Could his strategy work for your business too?

How One UpViral Black Friday Giveaway Took Saastronautics from 0 to 7000+ Leads

The 4 week UpViral giveaway contest that took Saastronautics from 0 to 7100 leads

Discover how Saastronautics’ CEO Parker Casio Patty went from zero to 7100+ new subscribers with a month-long killer Black Friday promotion by leveraging UpViral. Parker reveals his contest landing page, prizes and more in this in-depth case study.

How Gabe Schillinger Did a Viral Snoop Dogg Contest + Product Launches That Sold Out In Minutes

Legion Beats founder Gabe Schillinger earns $10,000 in just 10 minutes with UpViral

We didn’t think Gabe Schillinger of Legion Beats fame could top his earlier $200,000 UpViral campaign. Then he told us about the product launch in the middle of his latest UpViral campaign that made over $10,000 in only 10 minutes…

How Michael Winter Went from 0 to 3,100+ Leads In Less Than A Week Using UpViral’s $1 Trial

$1 UpViral trial nets 3100+ new subscribers in less than 14 days

Small marketing budget? Don’t let it hold you back from adding new subscribers to your email list. Michael Winter’s ingenious UpViral campaign added 3100+ new subscribers in just 14 days with a $1 UpViral trial.

Bunkie Life Did It Again: 180.6K Leads and Over $1.5M In Sales [Case Study]

$1.5 million in Sales with UpViral. The Bunkie Life does it again in 2020

Some people have a knack for creating massively successful UpViral campaigns—and David Fraser of Bunkie Life is one of them. After incredible success with his first UpViral campaign in 2019, David’s back with an update from his three UpViral campaigns that generated 180k leads and $1.5 million in sales in 2020.

How Check City Generated $136,458 In Free “Slap-Proof” Traffic Using Upviral

How UpViral Helped Check City Generate $136,458 and “Slap Proof” Their Traffic

Check City is a short-term loan company that had a persistent problem–they faced constant restrictions from advertising their services on Facebook and other platforms. So they turned to UpViral to get likes, shares, and free ‘slap-proof’ traffic that generated $136,458 in sales. If you’re having trouble getting ads approved for your industry, this case study is a must read.

Smart Facebook Ad + UpViral Trick = Stacked Marketer Gets 5262 Leads for Free

The secret to getting FREE leads from Facebook Ads (an immediate 20% boost)

Emanuel Cinca is getting 20% of his subscribers for free without paying an extra dime to Facebook Ads. Watch how you can use his automated list-growth strategy in your own business…

How Anthony Van Dort Generated 4,576 Leads without Paying a Dime for Traffic [Case Study]

Not a big fan of Facebook Ads? No problem! There’s another way to grow your list...

Discover how Anthony Van Dort generated 4,567 fresh leads for his family business without running any paid ads — exhibiting the true power of viral campaigns for small businesses...

See how Wilco turned 385 visitors into 13,200 leads.

See how Wilco turned 385 visitors into 13,200 leads.

TweetLead allows users to collect leads in one click from a tweet, it’s a great solution for marketers looking to build a list, but it’s a highly saturated market. However, this was no problem for UpViral.

See the pre-launch campaign that generated 16,653 free leads in a hyper-competitive market.

See the pre-launch campaign that generated 16,653 free leads in a hyper-competitive market.

Watch how Wilco combined the best of Jeff Walker and Russell Brunson (also an UpViral fan), and added UpViral to the mix to create a truly compelling viral waiting list.

Joe Di Siena’s 230,669 leads and a half-million in sales is truly amazing.

Joe Di Siena’s 230,669 leads and a half-million in sales is truly amazing.

UpViral is responsible for getting Joe 230,669 leads and over a half-million dollars in sales in just 6 days. Watch the walk-through video from Joe.

257,087 Leads Milestone: How Mitch Aunger Achieved This Using UpViral

A crash course on viral giveaway campaigns (and how to collect 257,087 leads)

Over the years, Mitch Aunger collected over quarter of a million leads for his own business. And now you can steal his best strategies and tactics in this 45-minute video...

How Gabe Schillinger Got Over 41K Leads and $200K Sales [Case Study]

Find out how Legion Beats got 41,985 leads and $200,000 in sales with a product launch campaign.

Aside from giveaways and sweepstakes, UpViral can also help businesses create a buzz and build massive email list with targeted leads via Product Launch campaigns.

4.5K+ Leads in 2 Weeks: How a $350 Toddler Giveaway Did It

How a stay-at-home mom generated 4,552 leads for her brand new e-commerce business.

Rachel Ollen decided to launch a brand new e-commerce store and she was able to get 4,552 leads even before she officially opened her store.

Find out how a viral campaign pro captured 114,585 Leads in just 1 Month.

Find out how a viral campaign pro captured 114,585 Leads in just 1 Month.

Matthew is no stranger to running viral campaign, but after generating over 100K leads in a single month, Matthew wanted to share his story and winning strategies.

[Case Study] Travel Secrets VIPs Gathers 520 Leads in 5 Days!

Discover how Travel Secrets VIPs gathered 520 leads in just 5 Days.

Trying to get your first few hundred email subscribers on your list? Then check out this case study from Corey Richard who kept his first contest campaign simple, but very effective.

Changing Children’s Lives One Story at a Time: How Max Rhymes Went from Zero to +7,800 Leads

How Max Rhymes a children’s book series went from zero to 7,878 leads.

The #1 goal for Dave Statler was to grow their email list and educate the market on why their books are different. Running a giveaway through UpViral helped them achieve their goal.

How Shire Talk Got 800+ Leads and Helped Drive 20,000 People to a Local Event

How Shire Talk collected 841 Leads and drove 20,000 people to a event, without spending money on ads.

Want to drive more people to your local event? Then you’ll want to read this case study from Brett Whipp.

34,297 Leads and $300,000 in Sales: How Bunkie Life Went Viral [Case Study]

34,297 Leads and $300,000 in Sales. Learn how Bunkie Life went viral.

David Fraser ran a 26-day contest for his DIY cabin business and the results speak for themselves... 6-figures in revenue from a single UpViral campaign.

[Case Study] How Groove Watersports collected 2,800+ Email Subscribers Using a Viral Giveaway

Learn how Groove Watersports collected +2,800 email subscribers using a viral giveaway.

Drew Bartek was aiming to increase the number of email subscribers, so they created an UpViral account, set up their campaign, and the rest is history...

[Case Study] How Nicholas Kusmich sold 6.400 Books using a Powerful viral strategy

Nicholas Kusmich sold 6400 books and raised $26,000 for charity.

Despite being a long-time marketing expert, this was Nic’s first attempt at a viral campaign. UpViral helped him smash his targets.

My Podcast Ranked In iTunes Within 10 Days By Running A Contest

How to rank a podcast at the top of iTunes in only 10 days.

If you have a podcast channel, chances are you’re hoping to draw a lot of attention and downloads. Problem is, that’s what everyone with a podcast wants.

A Viral Strategy That Gets You 3,000 Leads In 2 Weeks [Case Study]

Find out how Brad Costanzo and his sexy heels took a new business viral.

Breaking into a heavily saturated market, where people are addicted to their favourite brand, that’s a tough nut to crack, but with UpViral’s help, he did it.

Case Study: $38,458 in Sales Using An UpViral Pre-Launch

The secrets of a pre-launch that made $38,458 in sales.

Prelaunch campaigns create a massive buzz so when the product goes live everyone is queuing up to buy. Find out how Shopified did it.

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