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Enjoy endless referrals with the UpViral Rewards System.

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Build a huge buzz with UpViral's sweepstakes

Our sweepstakes have been converting traffic into leads, since 2015.

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Proven Sweepstake Icon

Proven Sweepstakes

UpViral gives you all templates, all the infrastructure, and all the experience you need to have a sweepstake ready to promote, in as little as 5 minutes.

Mix and Match Icon

Mix & Match

UpViral lets you mix and match sweepstakes and rewards to create the ultimate viral campaign.

Smart Leaderboard Icon

Smart Leadboards

Gamify your sweepstake and watch as your participants' desire to win glory on the leaderboard translates into a steady flow of new referrals into your business.

A Complete Reward System

Keep you viral campaigns fresh and you referrals growing by offering up all kinds of rewards.

Create rewards for any niche

Upviral lets you create and deliver unique prizes for all types person, promotion, or niche. URLS for secret content. Downloadable files for e-books or software downloads. Coupon codes for e-com stores. Your only limit is your imagination.

Unlockable Milestones

Keep your participants hyper-motivated with referral milestones that automatically reward them for every 3, 5, 10, or more referrals they bring.

Create rewards for any niche

Offer as many rewards as you can think of and keep subscribers referring new people to your business for much longer than usual.

Create rewards for any niche

UpViral's automatic reward delivery system tracks your subscribers for you, e-mailing them their prizes whenever a milestone is achieved.

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Incentivise everyone, everywhere.

Stimulate rapid business growth by getting people to share and subscribe in almost unlimited ways.

Share Anywhere

UpViral's unique referral links let participants share their link anywhere other people are.

Share image

Weighted Social Actions

Guide people to share on your preferred traffic sources by allocate different points to different social actions.

Incetivise Weighted Social Actions Photo

Optimised for Facebook & Twitter

Built-in Facebook newsfeed and rich tweet optimisations ensuring your viral campaigns always look outstanding in the feed.

Incentivise Optimised Facebook and Twitter Photo

Open Graph Optimisation

UpViral uses Open Graph to spread your viral campaigns far beyond Facebook and Twitter, making sure your contest is easy to share and looks great on major social platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest & Whatsapp

Incentivise Opengraph Photo

Unique Tracking System

By letting each participant track their visitors and referrals you'll build their desire to go beyond 'just sharing' and push for actual referrals to your contests.

Incentivise Unique Tracking System Photo

UpViral grows your business across multiple unique channels

Keep building your audience, brand and authority long after others are forced to stop with custom incentives specific to your business.

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Fully Automated Viral Campaigns

Stay in control of your business 24/7

Auto Select Winner At Random Icon

Auto-Select Winner
At Random

Auto Select Winner Based On Points Icon

Auto-Select Winner Based On Points

Auto Send Prize and Reward Notifications Icon

Auto-Send Prize And Reward Notifications

Automatic Award Prizes Icon

Automatically Award

Automated Campaign Scheduling Icon

Automated Campaign Scheduling

Handpicked Winners Icon


Drive more referrals and make sales.

UpViral's custom trigger e-mails make sure new subscribers are just the beginning.

More tools to make email, easy.

Streamlined E-mail Templates

Streamlined Email Template Photo

Embedded Social

Embedded Social Button Photo

Advanced E-mail Personalisation

Advance Email Personalisation Image

Multiple Sender Profiles

Multiple Sender Profiles Photo

Increase your sales with UpViral.

Get more Shopify and Amazon customers with UpViral coupons.

The UpViral
Coupon System

If you own an e-Com store (or you sell anything online) then UpViral’s handling of single and multi-use coupon codes will make you happier than a kid in an e-com candy store.

The Upviral Coupon System Image

Copy. Paste. Profit.

Simply copy and paste your codes into UpViral and you’ll soon be offering hugely attractive discounts as rewards for people signing up and bringing you more customers.

Copy.Paste.Profit Image

Turn Losers Into Winners

And what about all those new subscribers who DIDN’T win? They can become your best customers! Now they’re on your list, you can follow up and offer them a discount code for the full-priced product they’d hoped to win.

Turn Loser Into Winners

Retargeting Pixel Support

Build a custom audience and benefit from cheaper ads and a more targeted reach to bring back interested buyers to your site.

Retargeting Pixel Support

eCom Custom Actions

Build your store by using Upviral’s Custom Actions drive customers to your store’s website, social pages, and review sites.

eCom Custom Actions

Exceptional templates for the whole funnel

Ensure steady conversions with a collection of proven page templates optimised to perform in virtually any niche.

Landing Page

Our landing pages have collected millions and millions of leads in just about every niche imaginable. So there's absolutely no reason they shouldn't do the same for you.

Share Page

UpViral's compound conversions are a product of the time and attention that's gone into creating share pages that are perfectly matched to the rest of the funnel.

Closed Campaign Page

Finish in style with custom pages that inform late-comers your campaign is over. Then redirect them to a custom URL to make sure even late traffic isn't wasted traffic.

Exceptional Templates Banner Image

Visual Template Editor

Our visual editor is the best you'll find in a viral campaign builder. Simple, intuitive WYSIWYG editing will let you create your dream campaign in moments.

Properly Optimised For Mobile

Get the internet’s most ready source of traffic working for you right out of the box, because UpViral isn’t just ‘mobile responsive,’ it actually works too.

Properly Optimised for Mobile Image

All Languages Supported

It’s a big world out there and UpViral is ready to help you conquer all of it by making sure you can run viral campaigns successfully in ANY Language.

All Languages Supported Image

Optimise your results

Exclusive Triple A/B Testing helps you maximise your referrals while minimising your costs.

Optimise results banner photo

Triple A/B Testing

Increase you ROI and reach your viral co-effecient faster with UpViral's built in triple A/B split-testing.

Testing landing pages, and e-mail follow ups. Identify winners and losers to maximise your conversions and build powerful viral campaigns.

What's a viral co-efficient and why does it matter?

Green Arrow

See everything clearly

All the data you need at a glance. Nothing more, nothing less.

Campaign View

Track your campaign metrics over time with a 10,000ft view showing your total traffic, leads, referrals and compound conversion rates.

Campaign View Image

Social View

Find out exactly where your subscribers are coming from and uncover new traffic sources.

Social View Image

E-mail View

See at a glance which e-mails are building your business and which ones are losing you potential referrals.

E-mail View Image

Participants insights

Get a 360 degree view of every participant.

Participants Insights Banner Photo

Track users across all campaigns. See who referred who. How many share people made and where. See how far they've progressed. You can even manually unlock rewards for people.

Professional business solutions for collecting, growing, and managing leads.

Advanced tools and autoresponder integrations.

Instant Subscriptions

Transform non-responsive and pre-existing lists into powerful viral assets using one-click links in your emails. These links bypass the opt-in page and go straight to the share page to allow subscribers to join your campaign and start sharing it without the need to enter their email address.

Instant Subscription Image

Deep integrations

UpViral does ALOT more than send e-mail addresses to your autoresponder or CRM. Names, phone numbers, DOB, location can all be captured. In fact, any custom data that you need to build your business effectively can be collected by UpViral and sent to your autoresponder or CRM.

Deep integrations Image

1000+ zapier Integrations

Zapier connects UpViral with the apps you use every day offering simplified workflows and powerful automatons.

1000+ zapier integration image

10 Custom Fields

Strong data equals a strong business. UpViral allows you to ask participants for as much data as you need to offer future prospects, customers and clients the best service possible.

Custom Fields Image

Segment Leads with Tags

Each time a participant joins a campaign or unlocks a new reward UpViral will send over a tag to your autoresponder or CRM.This way you can segment your leads and move them more effectively through your sales funnels.

Segment Leads with Tags Image
send links icon

Send Links

easy html forms icon

Easy HTML Forms

webhook icon


UTM Tracking Icon

UTM Tracking

Custom Domains get Free SSL Icon

Custom Domains

Manually API Icon

Add participants manually via API

Host UpViral campaigns on your own site.

Keeping things a little closer to home, is easy with UpViral.

Wonderful Widgets

UpViral widget campaigns make self-hosting easy. We give you two snippets of code. You put the code on your site. We tracking everything back at HQ.

Wonderful Widgets Image

UpViral Pop Up! Campaigns

The UpViral Pop Up! campaign displays when a visitor arrives to your site, or you can set it to appear after a certain amount of time.

Upviral pop up campaigns image

Pop Up! Text-Links

Take full control over when your Pop Up! campaign displays by setting it to trigger anywhere you can place a text-link.

Pop up text links image

HTML & 3rd Party Integration

Easy integration means you can still use your favourite page builders and have UpViral tracking your campaigns in the background.

HTML and 3rd Party Integration Image

It's A Fact Of Life, People Cheat

A fraud detection system the SEC would be envious of.

Captchas Icon


When the system detects suspicious traffic a captcha is deployed.

Double Opt In Icon

Double Opt In

Enable double opt ins to make sure you stay complaint in some jurisdictions and protect against fake e-mails.

Fraud Centre Icon

Fraud Centre

This program runs in the background checking suspicious activity, and reports back anything it finds.

Blacklist Icon


Block suspicious participants from entering.

Whitelist Icon


If real people are having trouble entering white list them.

True E-mail Verification Icon

True E-mail Verification

Set up advanced verification to check every single e-mail address entered for authenticity.

All this Power. One Simple Platform.

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You log in. Choose your templates.

You create your campaign.
You monitor its success.

You check your stats Icon

You check your stats.

They’re off the charts. You’re viral!

You choose your winners icon

You choose your winners.

You watch your referrals growing and compounding.

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You never left the dashboard.

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