How Can Your Business Use UpViral To
Boost Your Bottom Line?

Here are just some of the proven ways…

If you run a brick-and-mortar business…

Run a contest with valuable prizes such as discount coupons, free meals or gift cards to get more leads or customers. A great way to build a prospect list to send future offers.

If you’re an online merchant or run an e-commerce store…

Run a promotion to give away a discount coupon that can be redeemed at your store. You’ll build an awesome subscriber list and get tons of new customers!

If you have a professional or medical practice…

Offer your existing clients/patients a discount code or coupon that they can redeem on their next visit, for referring a set number of friends to your services.

If you have niche blogs or websites…

Run a contest that offers a valuable prize. Use UpViral to promote the contest via your current visitors to boost traffic, increase your subscribers and sales!

If you’re an online/affiliate marketer…

Do a giveaway using an ebook or digital product to generate more subscribers to your list!

If you’re a PPC marketer…

Run ad traffic to a lead magnet page set up with an UpViral referral campaign. Every lead can easily turn into 4-5 more free leads, dramatically reducing your cost per lead by as much as 80-90%, while increasing your ROI by as much as 400-500%!

When it comes to all the different ways that you can
generate more traffic, leads and sales with UpViral…

…the only limit is your imagination!

What I love the most about UpViral that is not built for people who just want to use a fancy shiny object but a fine tuned conversion and lead generation tool which is geared towards result.

I have seen similar softwares for far more but none of them had the ability to tweak the campaign to this extent. I LOVE that I can test everything!

Here are some results of testing only the lead page and thank you pages. Who could imagine that only changing a background image can result in 37% more sign up rates?

UpViral is my new favorite tool for building contests!

Norbert Shabo, Hungary

We’re in a saturated market in which prospects are avoiding our marketing messages and the costs of getting new customers are too high.

I feel Upviral solves this dilemma elegantly by letting our customers get new prospects using word of mouth. What I love about UpViral the most is that it takes this concept and puts it into a format suitable for our digital age.

It’s simple to set-up and best of all: it gives us plenty of options to incentivize word of mouth.

And because we are able to integrate it into our own website we’re giving our customers a consistent experience.

Using UpViral we got our lead costs down to below 50 cents in a market where running Facebook ads to our offer directly was getting unprofitable. And that is even before optimizing the campaign!

Tobias Weihofen, Germany