About UpViral

UpViral aims to be the most powerful viral marketing application available to businesses and enterprises of any size. Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands, our global team has developed the premier application for generating more site traffic by providing structured incentives for your visitors to refer others.

Over the years, it’s become painfully clear to us that many businesses struggle to generate quality targeted traffic in a manner that’s consistently profitable. Simply put, paid traffic and online advertising has become far too expensive for most business owners and entrepreneurs. SEO is also highly cost-prohibitive and increasingly risky. The answer for many of these types of businesses is viral/referral marketing.

That’s why we embarked on the development of UpViral with one clear, concise goal:

To build a powerful enterprise-level application that any business of any size or budget can tap into in order to expand their customer base and of course, increase sales.

Since going live with UpViral in Summer 2015, we have been helping businesses of all sizes and shapes do just that. Increase traffic, build fast-growing, highly-targeted subscriber lists and of course, gain more customers, locally and/or worldwide.

It’s abundantly clear that UpViral’s formula, strategy and application are winners. As evidenced by the ever-growing list of success stories by our own customers. (See Our Case Studies and Testimonials Page!).

UpViral aims to become the standard by which other viral marketing applications, services and products will be compared and judged. Our team is committed to continuously improving and evolving UpViral to meet the demands of all future trends.

Whichever direction things take in this space, we are confident that you will find UpViral to stay on the leading edge, ensuring that our customers will always have a distinct competitive advantage.

UpViral’s Founder

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Wilco de Kreij – A full-time online marketing “whiz kid” who started at the age of 16, when he started selling sunglasses online. Over the next decade and then some, Wilco has developed several online marketing applications and WordPress plugins.

Wilco spearheads a diverse, talented team of programmers, developers, designers and online marketing professionals to ensure that UpViral continues to grow as a top-shelf application.

The UpViral Team

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UpViral’s Mission

To help business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers around the globe maximize the power of the internet and social marketing to grow.

We appreciate your interest in UpViral!

For General Inquiries, please contact us at support@upviral.com.

For press inquiries, please check our Press Page and/or contact us at press@upviral.com.

For affiliates, please check out our Affiliates Information Page.

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