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The Secret to Perpetual Traffic Is a Little Formula Called “The Viral Loop.”

(And it lies at the core of how UpViral grows your business.)

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1. People opt-in to your viral giveaway or contest.

2. UpViral combines a unique referral invite link with structured incentives to create accountability, encourage sharing, and drive traffic.

3.Shares are automatically tracked, giving you the power to create contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways that reward visitors the more they spread the word.

4.The system guides your visitors for you by emailing reminders, setting goals, and providing ongoing incentives to ensure they stay on track and deliver.

5.Then, the system takes off on its own and becomes a perpetual source of new leads that compounds over time!

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So, you start with a small initial group of subscribers.
The system gets them sharing.
The process repeats with each person... over and over again.

The end result is exponential traffic growth – 20 visitors become 100 visitors… 100 visitors become 500 visitors… and so on...

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Give UpViral a risk-free try for only $1