Jul 30, 2019

Zapier: Our Newest Integration [And How It Can Help Your UpViral Campaigns]

Zapier: Our Newest Integration [And How It Can Help Your UpViral Campaigns]

Running a contest or giveaway can be stressful enough especially if you got tons of leads flowing in.

Imagine having to manually transfer data to other apps you use such as Google Sheets or AWeber.

Is there a way to automate the process so that you can save time and just focus on making your campaigns better? If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry…

Today, we’re super excited to announce UpViral’s integration with Zapier! ?

You may or may not have heard of Zapier, so here’s what you should know. Zapier is an automation tool that connects over 1,500 apps together to create more efficient workflows.

That means you can have UpViral work with apps you would use to take your contest or giveaway forward.

As you can see, inside of Zapier you’ll be able to choose from 1,500+ apps:

Zapier allows you to create a “zap” - basically, a workflow that consists of a trigger and an action. Here’s what it means:

  • Trigger - This represents the event in your app. For example, someone enters their email address into your UpViral lead capture form.
  • Action - This represents the response to that trigger. For example, an UpViral lead is created as a subscriber in AWeber.

Save more time and scale your UpViral contest or giveaway with our latest @zapier ‏integration! ?

How You Benefit from Zapier

By integrating UpViral with Zapier, you are able to:

  • Automatically sync all your UpViral leads and other information into other tools and vice-versa.
  • Save tons of hours in managing UpViral information between applications. That way, you can allocate more time for essential tasks.
  • Increase your productivity and get the most out of your UpViral contest or giveaway!

Awesome “Zaps” You Can Create (3 Examples)

Maybe you’re still confused as to how you can make UpViral and other apps work together with the help of Zapier. Let me show you three good examples:

1. UpViral + Google Sheets

Trigger: UpViral

Action: Google Sheets

Do you copy and paste your UpViral leads and other lead information to Google Sheets? You no longer need to do that, because Zapier will automatically add your leads each time a contest or giveaway participant enters their details into your opt-in forms.

2. UpViral + AWeber

Trigger: UpViral

Action: AWeber

Let Zapier add your UpViral leads to your AWeber autoresponder. What’s interesting is that with Zapier, you’ll be able to add UpViral leads to 2 different autoresponders, for instance, AWeber and Mailchimp (since UpViral can only support one autoresponder).

3. UpViral + Facebook Lead Ads

Trigger: Facebook Lead Ads

Action: UpViral

Here’s another cool way to use Zapier: Transfer leads from a Facebook lead ad to an UpViral campaign. That way, people can automatically be registered to your UpViral contest or giveaway so you don’t have to do the manual work.

Try Zapier Today

We’ve only shown you a few of the many ways you can utilize Zapier to maximize your UpViral campaigns. Get Zapier to make UpViral and other apps collaborate using simple zaps. If you want to know how to integrate UpViral with Zapier, here’s our support article. We hope it helps.

Give Zapier a try now.

If you're already an UpViral user, you'll be able to see Zapier from your account with a few sample Zaps:

Happy zapping!

Save more time and scale your UpViral contest or giveaway with our latest @zapier ‏integration! ?