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December 29, 2022

UpViral 2022 Year in Review: A Roundup of Our Biggest Wins

UpViral 2022 Year in Review: A Roundup of Our Biggest Wins

Over the course of 2022, the UpViral team has experienced a ton of great things, from our content releases and platform updates to the live events we hosted.

While this is a celebration of UpViral, we want you to know that these accomplishments would not be possible without you.

Our customers are at the center of everything we do. You’ve helped us learn and grow through your feedback. 💪🏻

So, we invite you to take a quick trip back in 2022 with us. 🛣️Here’s our year-end recap…

Content That Makes Your Marketing More Effective

We published 18 marketing articles across different topics. For example, we showed you how to create a waitlist from zero, build a customer loyalty program, and ways to improve your email deliverability. It doesn’t matter if you’re already using UpViral or not — our articles provide tips for growing and engaging an email list and business through referral marketing, which can be implemented by anyone.

>> Visit the blog for more marketing advice.

Case Studies Highlighting Our Customers’ Success

Have you seen and read all of our 31 case studies? Our case studies show the application of UpViral in different industries and for different goals.

For instance, a contest and giveaway platform based in Romania used UpViral this year to generate a total of 12,677 total leads for a tech client, which involved collaborating with an influencer. Another case study was about a campaign where an education firm achieved $1.5 million in sales from its very first attempt at using UpViral!

>> Get inspired by more case studies.

Brand New Viral Campaign Templates

For existing UpViral users, we created 8 ready-made campaign templates which made it possible for everyone to conveniently build a campaign in minutes, no matter the time of the year!

These were the templates, in case you haven’t checked them out:

Tons of Product Updates

With so many product features released this year, we’ve made sure that every update simplifies the whole UpViral campaign creation process and helps you get the most out of your campaigns.

Here’s a quick summary of what we did:

  • We consistently maintained high code quality standards (and reduced the number of bugs significantly, making our platform much more reliable)
  • We redesigned major parts of the campaign setup to shorten the time it takes for users to put together a campaign.
  • Our drag-and-drop editor has improved in terms of speed, stability, and reliability. We’ve also enhanced our editor elements, as per our users’ requests.
  • Wilco is personally helping our customers implement a referral program within their businesses!

At the time of writing this post, we’re also working on some new features which may be rolled out for everyone soon if all goes well! (Currently, they’re being tested by some of our customers.) This includes a unique and personalized way for you to view your latest campaign stats, plus additional training inside the UpViral platform.

Events We Hosted This Year

Wilco organized a free 5-day live boot camp in May that taught business owners to implement a gamification strategy to boost their online presence, loyalty, and engagement… without relying on ads and Google.

In October, we hosted our very first full-day online summit where participants walked away with a new stream of leads for their businesses!

Our Recent Meetup in Barcelona

Part of our leadership team (Wilco, William, and Danny) had a chance to meet in person in Barcelona, Spain. 🇪🇸 It was a perfect opportunity not just to connect and have fun, but more importantly to discuss some BIG PLANS for UpViral in 2023!!! 💪🏻

Leads We’ve Generated for Our Customers

Successful lead generation has nothing to do with luck, but rather the use of a proven tool. Find that hard to believe? This year, we’ve actually generated over 11+ million leads for our customers! 🥳

We're here for you if you need help keeping your lead generation pipeline full in 2023. Discover the different ways UpViral can grow your leads.

Customers Continue to Talk Positively About UpViral

We’ve collected an additional 50 reviews on Capterra, bringing the total number to 74! Not just that, but we’ve managed to get an average 4.9-star rating. 🤩Here were some of the things our customers wrote:

  • To be honest, the main reason I like this tool is that the whole setup is smooth and doesn't take much time. You can get a quality viral lead generation campaign up in running fast, by just using the templates and standard settings and making a few customizations.”
  • “It has been a very positive experience. Having used software where technical support is dismissive at best and non-existent at worst, UpViral's team and consultants are switched on to our needs. They listen and respond.”
  • “The best thing about this is the ease of email list growth. The templates suggest pathways you can take people and the setup is clear. It does take time to 'think out' your campaign and how you can use it, and the setup, of course, is a commitment, but! Once it's set up, it just keeps going in a loop.”

What a Year It Has Been! Thanks for Being Part of Our Journey.

While you’re powering through to reach your marketing goals, we’re also working hard to set you up for greater success in 2023. There is nothing more impactful than doing it TOGETHER. We look forward to making your next year the best year ever.

If you’re still not taking advantage of UpViral, but have aspirations to reach more people in your business, it’s not too late to make that a reality. Get started today.

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