Dec 27, 2021

2021 Is “Wrapped” for UpViral, And We’re Proud of What We Accomplished

2021 Is “Wrapped” for UpViral, And We’re Proud of What We Accomplished

To say that UpViral has achieved huge growth would be an understatement, because more than anything else, we’ve helped over 25,000 people — online and offline businesses, marketers, and agencies generate a total of 48,579,541 leads and boost their sales. 🎉

2021 has been a year of challenges for entrepreneurs worldwide, knowing that we were still in the midst of a pandemic. And yet, it has also opened up the door for new opportunities to evolve and to be able to meet consumers’ needs by moving their efforts online.

For the UpViral team, this meant building a better, more powerful tool that generates more results for all our users. Not just that, but we’ve also provided tons of resources — live Q&A sessions, in-depth case studies, and strategies that helped you run successful campaigns of your own.

So, we wanted to share our favorite “wins” in 2021.

The Co-Pilot Show

We started our Co-Pilot Show in 2020 because we wanted to show current and potential users what UpViral can do for them through live campaign reviews, Q&As, tutorials, and inspirational interviews. Having received great feedback, we’ve continued this effort. In 2021, we’ve released a total of 52 episodes, which included 13 success stories — and we’ve written detailed case studies out of these on our case studies resource section.

The Ability to Share Your Campaign Setup With Others

Perhaps one of the best highlights this year was our campaign share link feature. We’ve worked on this after learning that people wanted to replicate a successful campaign and simply edit certain parts to make it theirs. Once this feature was available, successful users like Gisèle Rebel, Siddharth Pal, and Terry Mitchell willingly shared their campaign links.

Revised the Whole Campaign Creation Flow

This included implementing changes such as the Overview section showing how UpViral works, tooltips that guide you through each element in the campaign creation process, additional instructions for our Autoresponder section, and making Advanced Settings a separate section. Our goal behind these changes was to prevent any confusion and ensure that everyone creates a campaign from start to finish with little to no help.

New Campaign Templates to Hit the Ground Running

We’ve released lots of beautiful campaign templates that have helped our users to achieve the opt-in and share pages they envisioned. It didn’t matter whether they did a typical lead generation campaign, a holiday or Father’s Day giveaway, or a pre-launch campaign. And while these templates required only minimal customization, they were also able to change any element within those templates with ease to match their brand/niche.

Unifying Your Campaigns

Previously, it wasn’t possible for our users to create a unified campaign by which they could run an UpViral-hosted campaign and at the same time, embed it as a widget on their website. But we’ve made it happen this year so that your campaigns get more reach and more leads.

New Countdown Timer to Increase Urgency

It’s no secret that countdown timers improve conversions by harnessing urgency. So, we made sure that you’re now able to add a countdown timer that shows the remaining number of weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds in your giveaway.

GIFs for Higher Engagement with Less Effort

Videos help break up text and effectively convey your message. While these benefits are amazing, we also know that some of our users find video content time-consuming to create and may feel uncomfortable recording an explainer video of the campaign itself. So, we’ve added the ability to conveniently upload a GIF within our editor!

A Pop-Over to Maximize Lead Generation

Last, but certainly not least — we’ve just released our newest feature which is a “pop-over” that allows you to entice all your website visitors to enter your giveaway in a non-intrusive way. You can add the UpViral pop-over on any page (or all pages) of your website to further increase the number of leads you generate for your campaign.

What’s Next?

Contests and giveaways aren’t going anywhere as they’ve proven, time and again, to be an effective means of generating qualified leads and potential customers. And that also means one thing: UpViral is here to stay.No matter what happens.

Whatever your business goals are this coming 2022, know that we’ve already started planning new things to give you the best chance at achieving them. So, keep an eye out for them.

That’s a wrap! We wouldn’t end this post without saying Thank You for being part of our journey and inspiring us over the past year. From the entire UpViral team, we wish you a prosperous New Year. 🥂

(Featured image from Freepik)