Apr 28, 2023

Thank You Page Examples for the Best Visitor Experiences

Thank You Page Examples for the Best Visitor Experiences

Picture this scenario:

You’ve visited a blog about guitars, which you really liked, and got convinced into signing up for a free downloadable lesson. After entering your email, you were sent to a thank you page confirming your download.

Besides that, the thank you page includes links to their additional resources and social media platforms so you won’t miss out on the latest updates.

As someone who loves playing the guitar, you consider this an epic experience.

But this would not have been possible without the thank you page!

Whether you want to drive engagement or enjoy more conversions on your website — or from an UpViral campaign — here’s what you should know about thank you pages.

I’ll also be showing you thank you page examples in case you need some real-life inspiration. Keep reading.

What is a Thank You Page?

A “Thank You” page, by definition, is a page that thanks people for completing a certain action. It could be signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource, or buying one of your products.

Essentially, any conversion happening on your website deserves your acknowledgment — and that’s where thank you pages become applicable.

However, many people with businesses and blogs might not realize that a thank you page can do more than simply show appreciation. Depending on your goals, you can actually make the most out of this page to convince an audience to:

  • Follow you on social media
  • Ask for new referrals
  • Conduct market research or gather feedback  
  • Entice them with your special offers
  • Make them aware of an upcoming product launch
  • Join your community

All of these are relevant goals to go after no matter what business you’re running.

Characteristics of a Good and Successful Thank You Page

What makes a good thank you page? Before designing one, it helps to keep in mind these basic rules that will make the page more effective. Let’s have a look:

Provides confirmation

First off, a thank you page must always acknowledge that the person has successfully completed their purchase, download, etc. A simple “Thank you for [action]” works!

Additional content which you think will be interesting to them should be mentioned only after you’ve expressed your gratitude.

Delivers the promised offer

Tell them to check their inbox, downloads folder, or any further instruction about their purchase. The goal is to make sure they know where to check it (if it’s a digital product) or when to receive it (if they ordered something physical). Never leave them hanging.

Clear language and relevant visuals

Being clear about your message is crucial to any thank you page. Clarify should be present in your headline, call-to-action, and the rest of your copy.

The moment they read your message, it must be clear to them what they can expect or what you want them to do next. For example, “Your free guide is on its way to your inbox” or “Got further questions? Reach us at [contact information].”

Adding an image or video on the thank you page will help communicate your message faster. Even better, a video may boost your conversions to as high as 80%, according to video marketing stats published at WebFX.


This is where you’re going to think about brilliant ways to maximize your page. While it can be an opportunity for an upsell (if an immediate sale is your goal), don’t hesitate to try other options that also make sense for your audience.

You could, for instance, ask them to complete a survey, which lets you understand them better and plan better offers, which ultimately helps with your profitability.

Or maybe ask them to share your page with their friends — and after three successful referrals, they unlock an awesome prize. With UpViral, you can run campaigns that generate continuous referrals, plus reach additional goals through our Custom Actions feature.  


Just as important is the overall design of a thank you page.

Does it look good on any device (mobile phone, tablet, and desktop)? Do the call-to-action buttons stand out? Does it include trust signals like your brand logo, companies you’ve worked with, and customer testimonials?

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Thank You Page Examples We Can Learn from

We’ve picked thank you page examples from some of our customers’ successes. Although these case studies focus on UpViral, you can use the same strategies in your own thank you page campaigns!

Psychologist Silvia Llop’s Campaign with 2,934 Referred Leads

Wanting to grow her newsletter, Sylvia thought of doing a contest in which anyone can win prizes. The prizes were mainly her educational resources, such as a PDF on overcoming obstacles, all her courses, and individual coaching sessions.

After people entered their email, Silvia would take them to a thank you page where they receive an instruction to confirm their subscription… and then get a free masterclass in audio format.

Notice how Silvia entices people to receive more prizes, which she calls “gifts”, by simply sharing a referral link with their friends. Alternatively, they can click any of the social media buttons for easy sharing.

This strategy has generated 2,395 direct leads and 2,934 referral leads.

🔥Get a detailed breakdown of her success in this case study post.

Digital Marketing Expert Sébastien Godin’s Campaign with $4,775 in Sales

In this campaign, Sébastien Godin helps a business called Friendly Rugs grow an email list and build a relationship with their audience through a giveaway.

After entering their email into the opt-in page, they would be taken to a thank you page, which not only confirmed their entry but also…

  • Motivated them to unlock additional prizes which were discount codes
  • Asked them to check out Friendly Rugs’ collection (an opportunity to pre-select their prizes and hopefully to become interested in buying in case they don’t win)

This thank you page strategy was so convincing that it resulted in $4,775 worth of sales. As it turned out, participants who viewed Friendly Rugs products from the thank you page got interested.

🔥Get a detailed breakdown of the campaign in this case study post.

Marketing Agency Shire Talk’s Campaign with 20,000 Local Event Attendees

Shire Talk, a social media agency run by Brett Whipp, did a campaign in December to promote a local event.

The campaign was aimed at enticing people to shop at the event, which was the reason Brett decided to turn it into a contest. After entering their email to get a chance to win the golden tickets, they arrived on a thank you page where they could collect extra points.

Brett added a teaser video at the bottom of the page to boost anticipation for the event. And it paid off!

🔥Get a detailed breakdown of the campaign in this case study post.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these thank you page examples have given you ideas that will increase your conversions. Instead of just showing appreciation for taking action, use your thank you page as an opportunity to offer more value.

Regardless of what you intend to achieve — getting more referrals, social media followers, or doing market research — remember the guidelines we discussed. Keep your message clear and your page properly designed.

Ready to take the next step? Implement these tips in your next UpViral campaign. Try UpViral today.