Tiffany Joy Yamut Author
UpViral Team
March 20, 2023

How to Skyrocket Your Viral Campaign Using Custom Actions

How to Skyrocket Your Viral Campaign Using Custom Actions

You're always looking for ways to leverage your business. Growth is important, especially in social media. You want more people to follow your various social media channels. You want to drive more sales.

Here at UpViral, we understand that better than most. That's why we've come up with something completely new within our platform that'll help you reach new heights.

Just in case you're new to UpViral, let me bring you up to speed.

UpViral is the ultimate viral referral marketing platform. This means that you can use it to run contests and giveaways, giving your audience an incentive to make you go viral, spreading the word about you and what your business has to offer.

How this works is simple. Once people join your campaign (which can be hosted on UpViral or on your website), they automatically get a unique invite link with which they can refer their friends to join your campaign as well.

It's all about incentivising your audience to take action in order to get you noticed.

For example, you can choose to run a sweepstake, where you offer prizes and a chance to win them. You can then tell your audience "Sharing this with your friends and getting them to sign up will give you a higher chance of winning!"

Alternatively, you could offer rewards, where anyone who satisfies certain conditions (ie: getting 5 of their friends to sign up) automatically gets rewarded for their efforts. This could be a coupon, discount, freebie, or anything of your choosing.

The best part is: this works. Really, really well.

We've helped our customers gain millions and millions of leads added to their email lists.And it's just about to get better!We've just added a new feature that's designed to be a massive gamechanger-- something that'll really spread the word about your business.

We call it Custom Actions.

You'll be able to give extra incentive to your campaign participants for doing things that will give your business a boost. These are entirely specific to your needs, which is why they're custom actions. 🙂

Previously, you could only give points to your participants for their referrals, social interaction, and so on. But from now onward, you can give them points for doing... basically, whatever you want!

For example, you can add a new custom action and set it up to give points when users follow your Twitter account. Setting this up is customizable down to the icon and button color, as well as how many points you award the user with for completing the action. This will show up on your Share Page.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Here's how powerful the tool can be.

You can give your campaign participants points for...

Get people to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger bot

Get people to subscribe to your podcast

Get people to follow you on Instagram

Get people to join your Facebook group, helping you build a community around your business.

Get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, or even watching just one video!

Get people reading your blog posts to help you push your content marketing.

Get people downloading a mobile app.

Get people leaving a comment on your website.

Get people visiting your page.

Whatever you choose, you now have the power to incentivise your audience to do what you need them to do, using UpViral.

Existing UpViral customers will find that they've already gotten this feature in their account. If that's you, you can get started with this right away!

If you don't have an UpViral account... you're missing out. Create an account today and experience the awesome power of viral marketing with UpViral.

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