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UpViral Team
April 4, 2016

6 new features you didn't know we added (#5 will blow your mind)

6 new features you didn't know we added (#5 will blow your mind)

When UpViral launched, we changed the market. We added a new way to drive traffic to your site or business using the power of word of mouth in a way that wasn't possible before.

Since that time thousands of people have started using UpViral to promote their business using the power of viral marketing.  Many of our customers have used it to add tens of thousands - and yes, even hundreds of thousands - new email subscribers thanks to the power of our platform.

And you know what...?


At the end of the day, thát's what it's all about: our customers' success.

But with all that success we haven't stopped a day improving and adding new features to our product. Our team has been massively busy designing, developing and testing new capabilities.

If you'd compare UpViral when it first launched (± half a year ago) to todays' version... You'd be amazed at how much changed.

(Have a look at the demonstration video below in case you're not sure what UpViral is all about).

One thing we didn't do very well...

... is keeping everyone updated about what we actually changed (you'll find the previous feature announcement here).

That's why today we want to announce some new features we've *just* added to UpViral!

#1: You can Require entries to Confirm their Email Address using Double Opt-in

You can now enable double opt-in emails for all your UpViral campaigns. When enabled your audience will need to confirm their entry before their entry counts - which is a great way to make sure no "fake" emails end up being in your contest.

You can enable this feature at the "Email Notifications" panel inside your campaign(s).

With each confirmation message you can set;

A - Confirmation Message - A fully customized email with the confirmation link.

B - Email Confirmation Pop Up / Bar - A customizable popup/bar that will ask the participant to confirm their email to validate their entry into the competition.

More detailed instructions to enable double opt-in can be found here.

#2 You can collect more information using Custom Fields

From the start we focused at collecting only the name & email. We've now made it possible to add custom fields, which means you can collect any kind of information from your audience (e.g. location, phone number, etc). A feature that's been requested a lot, so we delivered!

You can easily add extra fields inside the visual editor of your opt-in pages.

custom fields

#3 You can send emails from your own SMTP Mail Server

As you probably know, UpViral takes care of your email notifications. Some (advanced) users wanted to have more control and be able to send out all emails using their own PostMark or SendGrid's SMTP servers in order to have more control of email deliverability.

That's now possible too!

You can add your own PostMark or SendGrid account at the "General Settings" of your account - and you're good to go!

More detailed instructions on using your own SMTP server can be found here.

#4 You can tag your subscribers thanks to deep autoresponder integration

When you're doing a giveaway it's now possible to send over tags to your autoresponder when someone unlocks a certain reward. This way you can send different emails to those who have / have not yet unlocked a certain reward.

This feature will be most relevant for more advanced users... but it's definitely something we get excited about!

You'll find this feature at your  "Email Autoresponder" settings, under the tab "Advanced Email Integration Settings".

Note: this feature only works with selected autoresponders who support tagging.

#5 You can Multiply your current email list thanks to One-Click Signup & Share Links

This feature is - without a doubt - a game changer.

It's now possible to turn your existing email list into an army of people desperately to promote your site or business.

What do we mean with that?

We've just released a brand new feature that allows you to include one-click signup & share links inside the emails that you're sending out to your existing email newsletter (even if they've never joined UpViral before).

Every subscriber will then automatically join your UpViral campaign and get their own unique invite link generated on the fly.

In other words, you can now send out emails (to your existing email list!) like...

"Want to get this [FREEBIE] for free? Share this on Facebook and Twitter. Once 5 of your friends sign up through your link, you'll get immediate free access!"


"Want to win [XYZ]? Share this on Facebook or Twitter. Every time one of your friends signs up through your link you'll get 20 additional entries in the contest!"

... and while doing that, you can link straight to a social media sharing screen which - for every subscriber - shares their own unique invite link (that UpViral keeps track of, so you can reward them for how many of their friends entered their email address as well).

Just think about this for a second.

This way you can give every single person who's on your email list their own unique tracking link - and reward them for how many of their friends they get to enter their email address as well.

Your email list - on steroids.

Here's how to set this up.

Head over to the URLs / Integration page inside your campaign. From there you can navigate to the One-Click-Signup page.

From there you can generate links for people to join your campaign and share your message. The "Join Campaign" link will automatically add them to your UpViral campaign and sends them over to your thank-you page.

The social media sharing links will also add them to your UpViral campaign, and will redirect them to the sharing screen for your chosen network, e.g. Facebook:

The links you'll generate have to include your recipients email address - which virtually every autoresponder can add dynamically into your emails.

You can even integrate images to make it visually appealing to join your campaign!


For example when using Aweber you can add a link like:{!email} which will automatically replace {!email} with the email address of the recipient. This will eliminate the need for them to go through the lead page / optin page signup and directly onto sharing the contest with their circles.

More detailed instructions about this feature can be found here.

#6 You can master the art of Viral Marketing in our Learning Center

We're also proud to announce the UpViral Learning Center! This is a new place (inside your UpViral dashboard) where we'll be adding more and more courses and knowledge in order to help you succeed using viral marketing.

Obviously there are countless of other improvements - so we focused on just a few features that we recently added to UpViral.

We're curious to hear what you think about these new features!

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