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April 15, 2023

101 Marketing Power Words That Will Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

101 Marketing Power Words That Will Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

Words are like a painting.

Your choice of words and the manner by which you use them elicit a unique reaction among your audiences, as a color palette and painting style would.

What I’m trying to say is that your landing page copy matters. Examine a piece of successful marketing copy, and you will realize that one word or two makes all the difference.

Words that transform a copy from “blah” to “brilliant” are called marketing power words.

For any person who seeks to drive an audience further down his sales funnel, business power words on a landing page offer these benefits:

  • Build trust and credibility. Words like proven, research, and results give people a reason to believe your offer.
  • Inspire action. You probably know that Tony Robbins is the most in-demand life coach. People act on his advice. He uses words like change, opportunity, and responsibility.
  • Make them feel important. It can take a simple word such as surprise, secret, or special, to make your audience feel valued.

Where to Include Marketing Power Words and Phrases

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to add those powerful words that sell, check the key components of your landing page (below). Incorporate your marketing power words in these page elements.

Main headline

In a few seconds, a visitor is going to have a first impression about your landing page based on your headline. You can experiment with various headline formulas or use headline generator tools, but don’t forget to include words that sell.

Supporting headline

The supporting headline or subheadline comes after the headline. Its role is to explain the main headline to convince visitors to read further or take action.


An explainer video should include marketing words. Either you add the power words in the script or the subtitle (visitors can read even when the video is on silent).

Clear explanation in the body

Throughout the landing page, you write detailed descriptions about your offer. Your message should focus on clarity and delivering value. Anticipate your visitors’ questions.

Trust signals

Testimonials or numbers about your user base, followers, or subscribers help you build trust. Use testimonials and stats containing phrases with marketing power words and see your conversions soar.

Short copy above the sign-up form

Right above your form, write a sentence or two that would remind visitors of the reason they should sign-up.

Call-to-action button

Optimizing your CTA button copy has never been easier with attention-grabbing words. Here’s a useful tip: write in the active voice as this convinces the visitor to sign-up and act on your offer.

101 Power Words for Marketing [Ultimate List]

Marketing Power Words That Trigger Emotions
  1. Delightful
  2. Anger
  3. Blissful
  4. Agony
  5. Helpless
  6. Unscrupulous
  7. Uncomfortable
  8. Dreadful
  9. Ecstatic
  10. Serene
  11. Euphoric
  12. Outrage
  13. Fury
  14. Peaceful
  15. Radiant
  16. Hurt
  17. Ambitious
  18. Laughing
  19. Terrifying
  20. Mesmerizing
  21. Heavenly

People buy something because of the way it makes them feel. Words can be used to tap into your prospects’ emotions to build a personal connection. AWeber’s landing page subheadline adds the word “ambitious” to spark motivation and hunger for success:

Marketing Power Words for Contests/Giveaways
  1. Bonus
  2. Earn
  3. Prize
  4. Reward
  5. Submit
  6. Join
  7. Win
  8. Winner
  9. Free
  10. Freebie
  11. Gift
  12. Giveaway
  13. Earn extra points
  14. Enter here

If you want to go viral and collect thousands of email subscribers in a few days, run a contest/giveaway. You need a landing page to display your prize, and that landing page has to spark excitement.

Dropbox rewards their current users with bonus space by referring friends to join Dropbox. Note their use of marketing power words “free” and “bonus.”

Marketing Power Words That Imply Exclusivity
  1. Secret
  2. Elite
  3. Exclusive
  4. Exclusive access
  5. Limited
  6. Limited edition
  7. Only
  8. Membership
  9. Insider
  10. Sneak peek
  11. First to try
  12. Reveal
  13. Invitation
  14. Absolute
  15. Premium
  16. Rare
  17. Special
  18. Premiere
  19. Select
  20. Undivided
  21. Chosen
  22. Classy
  23. Prestige
  24. VIP

When something is exclusive, only a selected few can access it. And it’s human to want what he doesn’t yet have. Use the principle of exclusivity to get your visitors to join your club or buy your offer.

Amazon Prime uses the words “exclusively, “exclusive,” and “exclusive access” on their landing page:

Marketing Power Words That Create Buyer Urgency
  1. Today
  2. Limited time
  3. Clearance
  4. Deadline
  5. Final
  6. Running out
  7. Now
  8. Offer expires
  9. Don’t miss out
  10. Hurry
  11. Now or never
  12. Act now
  13. Last chance
  14. Don’t delay
  15. Countdown
  16. Once in a lifetime
  17. Last minute
  18. Straightaway

Adding a sense of urgency with the use of words like “last minute” (like the example below) tells your audience that your offer is about to end. In effect, they’re motivated to act right away. The reason why an urgency strategy works is that it reduces the time people get to make a buying decision.

Tried and True Marketing Power Words in the English Language
  1. You
  2. Free
  3. Because
  4. Instantly
  5. New

In the sample landing page below from Active Adventures, note the use of the persuasive words “you” and “free.” “You” helps you speak directly to your reader. Everybody loves the word “free” because they know they’re in for some surprise.

Marketing Power Words That Make Prospects Feel Safe
  1. Proven
  2. Certified
  3. Backed
  4. Protected
  5. Guaranteed
  6. Quality
  7. Privacy
  8. No risk
  9. Safe
  10. Risk-free
  11. Tested
  12. Safeguard/s
  13. Evidence-based
  14. Results
  15. Results-driven
  16. Anonymous
  17. Authentic
  18. Security

Freshbooks, an accounting software, builds trust on their landing page by using words like “secure” and “safeguards.” Building trust is crucial if you are to collect your prospect’s personal information and make them buy your product.

Marketing Power Words That Encourage Community/Belongingness
  1. Join
  2. Support
  3. Become part of
  4. Group
  5. Together
  6. Connect
  7. Team
  8. Circle

Sam Ovens of makes his prospects feel that they have an exclusive place to interact with like-minded individuals. Belongingness is a basic human need for being in a group allows us to express ourselves and gain acceptance.

Final Thoughts

Using power words for marketing your landing pages will help drive visitor action - whether that’s a purchase, joining your group, downloading your offer, and so much more.

Words are just one of the ingredients to a landing page that works. If you want a better way to boost landing page conversions (especially in a short amount of time), start a viral marketing campaign.

UpViral is a system that sets up a viral marketing campaign successfully from start to finish.

With it, you can do various things - create a landing page, add rewards that visitors can unlock after performing an action, follow up leads with emails, track campaign results, and more. Learn more about UpViral today.

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