Finally, a complete, easy-to-use viral marketing system…
…for everyone!

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No need to be a social marketing expert, hire staff or spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on complicated marketing tools or apps.

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With UpViral, literally anyone can run effective, profitable viral marketing campaigns – in minutes!

Zero technical experience or special knowledge needed.

UpViral is super easy to use!

(Check out the demo via the link at the bottom of this page)

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Time to face facts.
Getting quality traffic to your websites, funnels
and landing pages is harder than ever.

Time to Face Facts 1

Unless you’re an SEO expert or have one on the payroll, forget about ranking on Google’s search results.

Time to Face Facts 2

Paying for traffic via ads and media buys only gets more expensive, especially on Facebook. Thus, increasing your risk and hurting your bottom line.

Time to Face Facts 3

Getting quality leads or subscribers is tougher than ever via the conventional “funnel” methods – and getting sales is even harder.

Time to Face Facts 4

Generating social buzz via sponsored posts, clickbait, Youtube videos and other tactics can be risky at best and hugely unprofitable at worst.

There is a better way!

You’ve probably heard the buzzwords “viral marketing” or “referral marketing” being thrown around.

Just try reading an online business magazine or visiting sites like Wired, FastCompany or Mashable without them being mentioned.

It’s the future of marketing, and the future is now.

The internet’s major players are using viral marketing to build lists, generate leads, boost brand awareness and of course, increase sales … with little or no advertising.

You’re probably seeing examples of viral marketing happening every day on your own Facebook or Twitter feed. Especially by Fortune 500 companies and mass marketers.

The reason for this is simple. The big players know where the money’s at.

It’s all about leveraging a proven, age-old, marketing strategy in ways that pay off beautifully.

“Proven, age-old marketing strategy”?

Viral Marketing (as well as “referral marketing”) is simply “word-of-mouth advertising”, taken to the next level.

Word-of-mouth has been around since Roman times and has survived every paradigm shift in advertising throughout the ages.

Let’s just say, it’s not going anywhere.

Best of all… it’s usually free.

Research shows:


People trust recommendations from friends and family seven times more than traditional advertising.


Globally, 92% of consumers trust referrals and/or recommendations from friends/family above all other forms of advertising.


Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than customers acquired via other means, and they’re more loyal!

Sources: Wharton School of Business (2010), Nielsen, (2012)

Now that we’re well into the digital age, word-of-mouth advertising has evolved into viral marketing.

How does viral/referral marketing work?

Here’s a basic illustration…

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It’s obvious that viral marketing is here to stay.

In fact, with the rising tide of social media, there just seems to be more of it happening everyday…

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Ever heard of DropBox?

A couple of years ago, Dropbox was virtually unknown beyond “tech-nerd” circles.

Today it’s a global cloud storage and data management powerhouse, boasting a market value of over $10 billion and growing.

That’s right…

Dropbox went from having just over 100,000 users to over 4 million users in just 15 months.

That’s a growth rate of over 3900%!

What’s particularly incredible is that they’re doing it with virtually NO advertising budget to speak of.

How did Dropbox grow so big,
so fast and with no advertising?

First of all, Dropbox tried large-scale advertising. To the tune of millions of dollars in fact, and failed miserably with it.

After exhausting their advertising options with only dismal results to show for them, their management came to a realization. They had to promote their services differently than what everybody else was doing.

They decided to try tapping into viral marketing.

Dropbox opted to let its users do all the promoting for them, and make it worth their while to do so…

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Dropbox opted to let its users do all the promoting for them, and make it worth their while to do so…

It’s classic viral marketing in action.

And to say it changed everything… would be an understatement.

Rest assured that Dropbox isn’t the only one doing it with massive results.

Countless other brands, including “sharing economy” giants Airbnb and Uber, are cashing in with large-scale referral campaigns too…

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So while it’s clear that a well-executed viral marketing strategy can take any business, product or service into the stratosphere, here is the problem…

Despite the apparent “simplicity” of viral marketing, it’s still quite difficult for the average small business owner to successfully pull off.

The big players have the budget for the staff, developers and infrastructure needed to deploy viral marketing campaigns successfully.

They can fully test their campaigns before scaling them up, improving chances for success while lowering risk.

Unless your business has access to those kinds of resources, running viral marketing campaigns can be tough, if not downright unprofitable.

In fact, it’s extremely hard to do without spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on software, staff and other needed elements.

UpViral changes all that… forever!

UpViral is a complete, dynamic web-based solution that handles every aspect of viral marketing.

From point A to point Z.

Now it’s easier than ever to build highly profitable marketing campaigns that leverage your visitors!

UpViral is so easy, that anyone can launch a professional and effective campaign from any computer, tablet or mobile device… in as little as five minutes!

No technical knowledge or experience needed…

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UpViral is a game-changer:

Easy To Use

Intuitive, user-friendly design that will have you creating campaigns in minutes.

Best of all, with no learning curve!

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Pre-made, professional templates

Dozens of customizable landing pages, graphics and more are ready to use – for virtually any market or niche. Just point and click to build winning landing pages and pop-ups… effortlessly!

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Easy Integration Into Your Existing Websites and Tools

No need to overhaul your existing sites, landing pages and other tools to use UpViral.
Just paste in a few snippets of code and you’re ready to rock!

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UpViral is natively compatible with the following autoresponders and applications

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More To Come!

Our team is continuously updating UpViral with more features. All done seamlessly and behind the scenes in the cloud. No downloads or installations needed… ever!