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Below you'll find various email swipes to promote the 14-day risk free trial to UpViral for $1.


2x, 3x (or even 10x) your email list


Grow your email list fast (low cost)


Don’t pay for lead gen ads (better way)


If there is one thing businesses can’t survive without, it’s a source of qualified leads.

But collecting leads through ads is expensive, and iffy.

All too often you end up with fake (aka: worthless) email addresses,

And that means you’ll blow through stacks of cash on lead gen with little to show for it.

What if there was a better, faster, easier and much cheaper way to score almost unlimited leads for your business?

Now this might seem like it’s a fairy tale, but it’s not.

The secret to effective and economical lead generation is referral marketing.

Here’s how it works:

In order to receive your lead gen gift, a new subscriber must refer their friends to your offer.

If enough of their friends sign up, the original subscriber receives the gift.

The beauty of referral marketing is that you can put your own spin on it with sweepstakes, milestone campaigns, viral newsletters, pre launch waiting lists and more.  

Referral marketing IS super effective…but here’s the rub.

The technical aspects of pulling off one of these campaigns isn’t always easy.

But I’ve just learned about a software that makes pulling off a referral marketing campaign easy, because it includes both graphic and email templates.

And I’ve scored a $1 trial for you to test it out and see if it makes sense for your business.

[link] Check it out now.

[Sign off]

P.S. This is the perfect time of year to build your list. Ad costs always climb fast in Q4 when businesses are promoting Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas deals. With a list to promote to, you’ll keep your ad costs low.


The (surprising) #1 marketing channel


The highest ROI marketing channel is…


Social can’t touch this for ROI


Do you know what the highest ROI marketing channel is?

If you said Adwords, YouTube ads, FB ads or the newcomer, TikTok ads well…

You’d be dead wrong.

The highest ROI marketing channel is old-fashioned email marketing.

Return on Investment Email Marketing

The thing is, it’s difficult to even track the ROI of many paid ad channels, especially since Apple rolled out its iOS 14 update.

So getting good results from paid advertising is a risky proposition (and Google is onboard to limit tracking results as well.)

That’s the beauty of an email list.

Once you’ve built it, it’s yours. It’s easy to track results.

And you’re never subject to rising ad costs, especially closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

There’s only one catch.

Building an email list from scratch is usually slow and more than a little frustrating.

You’ve got the people who opt-in to your list with a fake email address, grab your opt-in incentive and promptly unsubscribe.

And lead gen ads? Pricey!

But what if there was a better, faster, AND easier way to build your list? There is!

It’s through referral marketing.

And you’ve probably seen referral marketing in action, even if you’re not familiar with the term.

Ever seen a contest where people are asked to share your page with a certain number of their friends to gain extra contest entries, or to win a bigger prize package?

Then you've seen referral marketing in action.

The only not-so-great part of referral marketing is that it takes quite a bit of technical set up…which can be pretty time consuming.

But now there’s a wonderful software tool with built-in email and campaign templates that makes referral marketing easy (even fun!)

And I talked to the creator of this software and scored you a 14-day trial for only $1.

[Link]Check out the full details here…and take special note of the testimonials.

If you want to build your list fast without dropping a fortune on ads, I highly recommend this.

{Sign off)

P.S. The reason I asked you to check out the testimonials is that people are getting hundreds (even thousands of leads) in less than 14 days. So you have plenty of time to give this a try and see what you think.


The solution to rising ad costs


Ad costs are going up (fight back)


Cringing at your Cost-per-Click?


It’s a documented fact that ad costs are always steepest just before Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

The more advertisers there are, the more ads cost.

But there’s a way to reduce those ad costs and never have to worry about Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. shutting down your account.

And that’s through good old email marketing.

Now if you’ve never tried to build a list, or you just got frustrated with the process because it seemed too much work for the results you received…

I’ve got good news.

My friend Wilco de Kreij has come up with a better way to grow targeted email lists fast by adding a referral marketing twist to the process.

People love contests, and they love to refer their friends to your opt-in pages in order to win additional contest entries.

There’s much more you can do with referral marketing, but that’s the basic premise.

So even if you decide to supercharge your list building process with lead gen ads, adding referral marketing into the process means you’ll get leads for free…

Which drastically cuts down your overall ad costs.

And this is the BEST time of year to think about building your email list ahead of Q4, before Zuck and his friends crank up ad costs just in time for Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Plus you can also upload your email list for retargeting ad campaigns and lookalike audience campaigns.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an email list to send offers to anytime your business needed a quick cash injection…without spending a single dime on ads?

Then the time to get started is now.

You could definitely create your own lead generation campaign combined with referral marketing, but the technical side is not easy to pull off.

Besides, why would you even bother when Wilco’s ironed out all the wrinkles with his software UpViral?

And right now, Wilco’s made it dirt-cheap for anyone to try out his software and get started with list building and referral marketing.

We’re talking about getting started for much less than the price of a cup of coffee (the price of a regular gas station cup o’ joe, not the fancy Venti half-caf oat milk latte with sugar-free syrup stuff!)

[Link] Try Wilco’s list building software for yourself and let me know the results!

[Sign off]

P.S. Wilco told me that many of his customers have built email lists in the hundreds (or even the thousands!) in 14 days or less. Check out the testimonials and see for yourself!


Proof UpViral is the best lead gen tool


Real customer reviews for UpViral


Open for mind blowing lead gen results


For the past few days, I’ve been telling you about UpViral, the best list building tool I’ve seen yet.

What makes UpViral special is that it combines list building with viral referral marketing in one powerful package.

And UpViral works equally as well if you’re building your 1st list from scratch or if you want to grow your list to monster size.

Having your own email list to send offers to not only puts you in control (no worries about bans or slaps) it also reduces your ad costs many times over.

‘Cause it costs you almost nothing to send an email…

You can’t say the same about putting up an ad!

But don’t take my word for it.

Check out these stunning customer testimonials for yourself:

UpViral Customer Testimonials

Want to know more about the magic of UpViral?

[link] Check this out and see how you can score your own copy of UpViral for MUCH less than you’d expect.

[Sign off]

P.S. Not only has Wilco made UpViral incredibly affordable for anyone who wants to grow their list ahead of Black Friday & Cyber Monday…he’s also included an amazing bonus package.

It includes implementation training, ready-made campaign templates, email marketing and traffic training, in-depth case studies and more!


Your UpViral ? answered


UpViral: you asked, I got answers


Is UpViral as good as the hype?


Hey I’ve been getting lots of questions about UpViral, so I asked Wilco to do me a solid.

Instead of answering your questions one at a time, I sent him a list of your most frequently asked questions and he answered them for me.

Q) Can you explain a little more about what you mean by referral or viral marketing?

A.) The general idea behind referral marketing is that people eagerly share your campaigns with their friends in order to gain extra entries to your giveaway or promotion.

Suppose one person refers 5 others to your contest, and they each refer another 5 each. All of a sudden, you have targeted 26 leads instead of only the single person you’d add in a traditional lead gen campaign.

And here’s another bonus to referral marketing.

Most people’s friends have similar interests to them, so the people they refer to your contest are likely to want your products or services themselves. (Not just leads, targeted leads!)  

Q) How does UpViral make referral (viral) marketing easier than creating campaigns by scratch?

A.) Because UpViral integrates with your existing marketing stack via API, making it simple to automatically add your new UpViral leads to your autoresponder. No data exporting and uploading. UpViral also comes with its own analytics dashboard so you can monitor your progress without using external tools.

And UpViral comes with a drag & drop editor, plus DFY landing and share page templates for multiple niches.

These templates were created to convert by professional copywriters and graphic designers. (You’d pay thousands to have these created for your own use!)

Q) I’ve never built a list before. Will UpViral work for me?

A.) Yes! I’ve had multiple clients build lists in the thousands, or even tens-of-thousands in 30 days or less.

Even if you’ve never written a single email before,Wilco has included email campaign templates, plus added an email marketing course called Viral Email Masterclass so you hit it out of the park on your 1st try.

Q) How can I be sure that UpViral will work for me?

A.) [link]Check out these testimonials [link] from people just like you who operate in all kinds of niches. If they can do it, I’m 100% sure you can too! Besides this is a very low-risk offer.

Try UpViral for 14-days and if it’s not for you, just let Wilco’s support team know and you won’t owe another dime.

Q) Ok, I understand how viral marketing works now. But how do you get traffic to your contest?

A.) Wilco has added bonus traffic training to this offer for free (normally $397) to this offer. You’ll be 100% confident you can drive traffic multiple ways after going through this bonus.

Q) Can I really trust this Wilco guy to deliver on what he says UpViral will do?

A.) Ryan Deiss and Russell Brunson both highly recommend UpViral and are long-term customers. Marketers of these guys’ calibre only endorse top-quality products because their reputation is on the line.  

[link](See their testimonials here.) [link]

Plus UpViral also has a 4.9 out 5 star rating on Capterra, an independent review platform for software.

I hope this clears up any questions you might have about UpViral.

If you have any more I can answer for you, just hit “reply” to this email.

[Sign off]


P.S. If you want more info about UpViral’s features and benefits, [link]click here [link].

P.P.S. Also wanted to mention that this special promotion and the bonus package goes back into the vault tomorrow at midnight. Act fast while ya still can!


Last 24 hrs to build a massive email list


Be ready for Q4


Keep your traffic costs low this Q4


[Name], we’re in the final hours of our special UpViral promotion…(only 24 hrs. to go!)

And I don’t want you to miss out on the special savings and bonuses!

There’s no better time to build an email list than now…so you’re ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Q4!

And frankly, UpViral is the most user-friendly list building tool I’ve ever seen.

Plus Wilco has thrown in some insane bonuses to help you hit it out of the park with your very 1st UpViral campaign.

But you’ve gotta act now, because this offer disappears at midnight tomorrow.

[link] Get the UpViral special offer & bonuses while you still can![/link]

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Last chance for UpViral


Gonna make this short & sweet.

This is your final chance to claim UpViral and a huge bonus package worth $2882 for less than the price of a cup of coffee ( check out the value of the individual bonuses [link]here.[link]

The bonus package is designed to show you exactly how to get the most out of UpViral.

Wilco’s set you up for success with implementation training, email,traffic and viral marketing training, professionally designed campaign templates, and much, much more.

So I urge you to act now before it’s too late.  

The sales page is packed with dozens of case studies and testimonials…

Tons of solid proof that anyone can make an UpViral lead gen contest work–even complete beginners.

So what are you waiting for?

This offer closes at midnight PDT tonight!

Claim your special UpViral offer now by [link]clicking here.[link]

To your success,


P.S. Please don’t wait until this offer closes, then beg Wilco to let you in. That wouldn’t be fair to the people who took action while the offer was still open. And Wilco doesn’t make any exceptions - when his deals close, that’s it. They’re gone.

Below you'll find various email swipes you can use as inspiration.

Subject: UpViral is HERE! How does 16,000+ Leads In Just 4 Days Sound?
Subject: Who Wants Free Viral Traffic to Your Sites, Funnels and Landing Pages? [UpViral]
Subject: UpViral Delivers FREE Viral Traffic – Get 16,000+ Subscribers In FOUR Days!
Subject: : This Incredible App Is A Game-Changer - Find Out Why! [UpViral]

Dear [name],

I gotta say, the results people are seeing with UpViral are nothing short of incredible...

One beta tester netted 16,000+ subscribers... in just four days!

...and he's still adding [thousands] of new subscribers each day!

There are a lot more stories where that came from!

Best of all, these kinds of results are happening with virtually NO advertising!

It's all about viral marketing, by leveraging social media like Facebook and Twitter!

Take a moment right now and find out just how easy it is to get your visitors, Facebook fans and subscribers to send more people to you!

Get more traffic to your sites, landing pages, funnels and offers... FREE!

Wilco De Kreij's awesome new product called UpViral will change the way you do marketing forever!

Now, it's easier than ever to:

- Run Viral Giveaway Campaigns – Get your visitors to deliver more visitors by incentivizing them with a goodie or a prize!

- Run Viral Contests – use a cool contest to promote your site, service or product via Facebook and Twitter in minutes!

- Generate Tons of Viral Traffic to Your Launch – If you're launching a new product or service you're going to love this! Get massive leads – with little or no advertising!

- And much more!

UpViral is incredibly easy to use and plugs right into your existing sites and pages, you really won't believe how easy it is get your first campaign up and running!

Watch the Demo... NOW!

There is simply no better way to take your traffic generation and marketing to the next level.

So if you're serious about increasing your traffic and your profits, then seriously, pay close attention...

No other app on the market comes close to what UpViral does... at any price!

And speaking of price, it's currently available for a deep introductory discount, but you gotta move fast!

Do yourself a favor. Go check it out now!

Until next time!


Subject: UpViral is HERE! Check Out These Case Studies!
Subject: Live Case Study! Watch Wilco Get New Leads In Real Time with UpViral!
Subject: No Better Way to Get FREE Viral Traffic – 16,000+ Subscribers In Just 4 Days??
Subject: Make No Mistake - You NEED This Revolutionary App! [UpViral]

Dear [name],

Since people started beta-testing UpViral, the incredible results have been pouring in.

Both newbie and experienced marketers alike have been crushing it with UpViral!

Check it out yourself, the case studies and results people are seeing with UpViral are nothing short of incredible...

Check out the case studies now!

In a previous mail, I told you about one tester who has netted 16,000+ subscribers... in just four days... and still counting!

Well there's another marketer who got 9,500+ new subscribers in just 12 days!

Even Wilco himself has a live case study happening right on the page, that shows UpViral bringing him new subscribers on autopilot.

Watch it while it's happening in real time!

And keep in mind, people are getting these results with little or NO advertising.

The secret lies in fully maximizing the power of viral marketing. No expensive FB ad spends happening here!

Find out just how easy it is to get your visitors, Facebook fans, and subscribers to send other people to your sites, landing pages, funnels and offers...

Check out UpViral Now!

UpViral is ridiculously easy to use!

It's so ingenious, it plugs right into your existing sites and pages in a matter of minutes.

This is an app that anyone can use to get more targeted traffic.

Take it from me, once you start using UpViral, your head is going to explode with ideas on how to implement it to make money (I know mine did!)!

Best of all, it's available for a deep introductory discount for a very limited time, before they bump it up to their regular pricing!

Get the story on UpViral now!

And be sure to let me know that you grabbed it! Looking forward to hearing about your results too! 🙂

All the best!


P.S. I'm not kidding about letting me know how UpViral works for you! I'm looking forward to hearing a lot of success stories from my own readers!

Remember, there's no risk to try it! 🙂

Here's the link again: [LINK]

Subject: How Easy Is It to Use UpViral?? You're Not Going to Believe It!
Subject: Free Viral Traffic to Your Sites, Funnels & Landing Pages – Virtually On Demand!
Subject: Answering Some Good Questions About UpViral's Ease of Use!
Subject: Ready To Become A Viral Marketing Monster? This App Will Make It Happen!

Hello [name]!

In the days leading up to UpViral's recent launch, there have been some questions about just how easy it really is to get UpViral working with your existing funnels and pages.

Now I know that people use the word “easy” very loosely, especially when it comes to software.

But I gotta say, UpViral really couldn't be easier.

For one thing, UpViral is set up to run natively with most of the major autoresponders (Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, you name it)...

... but what makes it even better, is that you can easily integrate it into your current tools such as LeadPages, ClickFunnels, WordPress and many others!

Check out UpViral's page to see all the autoresponders, tools and platforms they support!

Here's the thing, Wilco and his team engineered UpViral from the ground up to be easy!

Therefore, it had to be intuitive and adaptable to a wide variety of applications that site owners and marketers are already using.

When I say the ease-of-use and adaptability is impressive, trust me... I'm not kidding!

Take a moment right now, and get the whole story...

Watch the demo video and see for yourself just how easy UpViral really is.

If you do get it, rest assured that it will change the way you do marketing forever!

Don't forget! UpViral is currently available for a substantial introductory discount! But after the launch period is over, that price will be gone!

And remember, I want to hear your success story if you do get it! 🙂

Check it out... NOW!

Until next time!


Subject: What Makes UpViral So Powerful? The Answer May Surprise You!
Subject: [UpViral] Taking An Age Old Marketing Strategy Into The 21st Century!
Subject: Let's Face It... Your Friends' and Family's Recommendations Matter To You!
Subject: Take The Most Effective Form Of Advertising To The Next Level! - [UpViral]

Dear [name]

In case you haven't noticed, things have changed when it comes to online marketing these days.

The internet's major players have been tapping into viral marketing in order to build their lists, generate leads, boost brand awareness and of course, increase their sales... and with little or no paid ads.

You've probably seen viral marketing happening right on your own Facebook or Twitter feeds, especially for major brands like AirBnb and even Uber.

That's because it works!

It's what turned Dropbox into a $10 billion + company!

The big players are leveraging a proven, age-old, marketing strategy to pay off in big ways, with very little risk or investment

Viral Marketing is simply “word-of-mouth advertising” taken to the next level.

And in case you didn't know, word-of-mouth has been around since at least Roman times. It is easily the longest-surviving form of advertising throughout the ages of business and commerce.

And it's not going anywhere!

Research shows that people people trust recommendations from friends and family as much as seven times more than traditional advertising.

Now that we're well into the digital age, word-of-mouth has evolved into viral marketing.

And now, you can easily tap into the power of viral marketing... with UpViral!

Check out UpViral now!

You too can take the power of word-of-mouth advertising to new, exciting levels.

Because with UpViral, anyone can benefit from the power of viral marketing, not just the big guys!

So if you're serious about increasing your traffic and your profits, and with little or no additional advertising, here's the answer!

Simply put, there is no other app on the market that does what UpViral does... at any price!

And if you want to get UpViral at the lowest possible price, you need to act fast!

Don't wait. Check it out right now!

There's absolutely no risk to try UpViral for 30 days! So grab this thing and take it for a test drive.

Trust me, you'll be glad you did! 🙂

Until next time!


I gotta say, the results people are seeing with UpViral are nothing short of incredible..

Wilco's "little test" already resulted in 27,465 visitors (and counting) and all it took was 417 clicks from a tiny FB Ad.

(If you haven't seen that case-study yet - you can see all the details + live results midway on this page).

Now let me tell you... that's just a tip of the iceberg.

For example Matt (one of the UpViral beta-testers) already collected 23,000+ new subscribers using a simple UpViral contest.


But you know what? It gets even better.

Check this blogpost out by Tim Ferris:

They used the exact same principle to collect 100,000 new subscribers for a brand new site...

... in one week!

(And it's just one of the many examples, and definitely not the biggest one).

The reason why even guys like Tim Ferris vouch for this is simple:

It works... incredibly well.

And now - thanks to UpViral - everyone can benefit from this strategy.

Have a look at the demo to see how you can use it as well:.

Check it out: [LINK]

There's a special introduction offer going on as we speak - so you can get in while the price is still low..

.. although that's only available for a limited time (so be quick).

Check it out and get started today - I'm sure you'll love it 🙂