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November 12, 2020

Why Email is Still King

Why Email is Still King


In 2020, old-school email marketing is still king in terms of providing massive ROI to business owners. How massive? 🤔

Last year, a study from email deliverability experts found that every $1 invested in email marketing returns an ROI of $42.  🤑

There is no social media platform that even comes close to delivering to that kind of return on investment.

❌ Not TikTok. Not Facebook Messenger. Not Instagram. Not YouTube.

Email is by far my #1 channel in terms of sales and revenue. Last year, my company did over 7-figures just from email marketing. 💸

In this video, I’m going to show you why your biggest marketing priority should always be to build your email list. 📩

Watch it and let me know what you think in the comments below. 👇 Do you agree that email is still king? 👑


Facebook messenger isn't cool. You know what's cool? Email marketing. Hey everyone! Wilco de Kreij here today. I want to talk to you about why email marketing is still my number one channel in terms of revenue and sales and just why I'm a 100% believer in it as well, because yes, these days we've got all kinds of ways to reach out to your audience, right?

I mean, you've got Facebook messenger, and Instagram, and Tik Tok, and YouTube, and all these other places where you can do stuff and build up an audience. People can follow you and you can reach your audience. And it's awesome. Right? But the problem is with all these platforms you have zero control. Like they have all control and you've seen this happen with Facebook messenger recently, but it was the exact same thing back in the day when Facebook started their Facebook pages.

Right. But a lot of people saw the opportunity because, once someone has liked your Facebook page, guess what happened? Like every time you then posted a message, a video, an image in a text update. If you posted it on your Facebook page, everyone would see it on their Facebook timeline. Like literally everyone, right?

People started spending massive amounts of money to get as many people as possible to like their Facebook page. Right. Because who wouldn't? Because you get all these people that you can then reach to, but Facebook isn't crazy. Right? Like they let it happen. They said like, Hey, all these businesses, start spending money to get all these likes.

Right. And then they were clever and it was so obvious. Then they said like, you know what? You know, there's so many messages going out. We cannot show all those messages to all of, you know, to everyone because you know, there's not enough space in our timeline. People need to scroll down like three hours a day to see all those messages, which.

Some people might even do, but that's not the point. So now they're like, all right, you know what? We're not going to show these, all those posts to everyone? We're going to show only a  portion of it first 50% and then less and less and less. Whereas some pages, their only, like their organic reach is like a couple percent, 2%, right?

Just crazy. But Facebook isn't the worst. They had the solution, they said, you know what? No worries. All you need to do is spend a little bit more. And then you can boost your posts. You can show your posts to your audience, right, that you already paid for in the first place? Right. And they should be, they should be doing that because Facebook is a business as well.

Like they want to make money and they should be making money and it's their full right. Right. So a couple years back, Facebook messenger came around. It was so obvious. It was the exact same thing. Step one, introduce the Facebook messenger platform, get all these businesses to grow their messenger lists.

Right. And at some point, and I actually expected it to be even faster. At some point we were, they just said like, you know what, from now on, you cannot send messages anymore. At least not if it's promotional, but you can, if you pay, again, right. To send a message out.

And that's because. You got zero control. They have all the control. They own the list. They own the recipients like there's, there's one party, one company who owns all the communication between you as the business owner and your audience, right? These methods are awesome, right? Like Tik Tok, YouTube, podcast, Facebook messenger, Facebook pages.

They're all great. But you're hiring, you're using someone else's platform, right? You need to use those ways to build, build an audience, but then get them over to whatever you own. Right. And your email list that's something you own. Why is that? Why is your email list so different compared to Facebook messenger?

Well, like I said, Facebook messenger is just one company that controls it all. With email that's not the case. First of all, you got many different platforms that you could send out emails from. Right? You've got Active Campaign, you got Drip, you've got MailChimp, you got Aweber, you got convertkit, all of these other platforms, right?

So literally you can export your email list. You can upload it somewhere else and you can send emails from there. Right. And then on the recipient side, not just Gmail. Yes Gmail is big, right. They have quite a bit of influence, but you got Hotmail. Like, there's all these other platforms as well.

Right. So now because there's no single company who owns everything. Email wouldn't be able to just die at some point, whereas Facebook messenger or YouTube, they could literally just switch it off. Like they could literally ban your account for whatever reason and all your subscription would be gone.

So my point is use all the higher exposure platforms. Right. But use that to bring people onto your own exposure, right? To your email list and to your website, because that's what you fully own. That's why at UpViral, for example, we're fully focused on helping our clients build a big email list, right.

We help them grow their email list, using word of mouth. And the first thing we focus on is building up their list, email list. Right. And yes, we also have ways to, then  grow your Facebook messenger, podcasts, YouTube, whatever you want to do, but that's secondary. First. We want to get them onto your email list and then you can incentivize people to also join all these other platforms.

So that way it's like you get more bang for your buck, right? And we have clients who've collected over a hundred thousand, even 200,000 leads in the first month of using it. Right. And then from that, they then build up these other platforms. Right. And that way it just keeps on going on. But email is still King.

Like last year we did well into seven figures just from our email list. It's like, everything all included, but just the amount of revenue we got directly from our email list because we have an email list and then we can send out value to our clients, value to our audience and engage with them.

And also yes, sent out offers whenever we have something available and that's really the power of email. And that's why I believe email is still King across all these other platforms. And it will stay like that for quite a while to come. Hope you appreciate this video and I will talk to you all soon.

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