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November 8, 2016

The 3 Most Profitable Email Automations You Should Implement Today

The 3 Most Profitable Email Automations You Should Implement Today

On this episode, Wilco shares his 3 most profitable email automations.

So listen below to start applying these automations into your business right away:

Time Stamped Show Notes:

00:47 Email automation. What is it?

02:38 Abandoned cart email sequence.

04:19 Website Visit Automation.

05:10 Keeping email super, super short inspired by Dean Jackson.

05:52 What I usually have in my business, I usually have some extra offers on the back end.

07:30 Three of my most profitable email automations.

08:17 These three email automations, they all just consist of one simple email.




Dean Jackson



Hey, everyone. It's me, Wilco, here. Today we're going to talk about something that really, really, really excites me. It is email automation. Specifically what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you three of my most profitable email automations. Each of these three are really easy to set up. They're all just one email but they're incredibly effective. I'm going to give you them in just a minute.

First of all let's talk about email automation. What is it? Until a year ago or so I was sending out all my emails to my email list in broadcast style. Which means that I would just select a part of my email list, I would then write down the email, and I would press send, and all the people I selected would then all get the exact same email at the exact same time. At the time I already had some automation, if you would want to call it like that by doing things like, if someone give X to my product, they buy one of our products, then on day they're going to get a certain email, on day two they're going to get a certain email, on day three, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

In a way that is already automated. These days we've got way more options. Personally, I Active Campaign, but there are other tools like Infusion Soft or Direct, and I'm pretty sure there's going to be more tools on the market that really allow you to do all kinds of crazy stuff. For example, let's some product number A from you. You can then do a quick check: does this person already product B as well? If not, then send an email about product B. If they already do have it, then we're going to send out product C for example.

That's just a basic example, but basically what it allows you to do is you can set up all kinds of logics where you use the information you have on every single subscriber, whether they purchased a certain product, whether they visited a certain page, when they visited a certain page X amount of time, whether they have certain in your system based on interests that you added to those persons, or whatever you want to do. You can use that in your email logic.

Right now I'm not going to talk about that. That's really not the time. I'm happy to dive more in depth into that. Let me know if you want to know more about it. Right now I want to share three of my most profitable automations that are actually really easy to set up assuming you have the right tools in place.

The first one, the obvious one actually, is the abandoned cart email sequence. What I do is on every checkout page, if someone is going to get access to my product, I ask them to enter their email address first. What I then do is then on the second step they will actually add in their credit card or their PayPal in formation. What I do, once they enter email address, I start an automation in my Active Campaign account where I wait for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes I'm going to check, this person just entered their email address on my checkout page. Thirty minutes later did or did they not purchase my product yet? If not then it means they entered their email address but they actually did not make a purchase. For some reason or another they were planning to make a purchase but apparently they stopped. They didn't finish it.

What I do, I send out a really simply email saying I saw that you were about to pick up, and then the name of the product ... For example, I saw that you were about to pick up earlier and that you didn't get a chance to finish your order. I just wanted to see if there were any problems or anything at all that I could help with. You can reply to this email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Talk soon, Wilco.

All I'm doing is sending out a casual email just checking in if everything is all right. That single email helps to get a lot of extra sales, because usually people have some kind of a question that they were just not really sure about. They were on the edge of buying, but they were not completely sure. Just by sending out a quick email thirty minutes right after they enter their email address on the check out page but if they did not finish their order, send it out and it's going to dramatically increase the number of sales that you're going to get. That's the first automation. My email abandoned cart automation.

The second one is actually a bit more advanced. It's not even advanced, but it really depends on what tools you're using. With Active Campaign it's pretty easy to set up. I'm not really sure about for example Infusionsoft or Drip, but what you can do in Active Campaign is you can store automation is someone visited your sales page or any other page for X amount of time. If I notice that someone who visit my sales page for at least times, and one hour after that they have not made a purchase, then I'm going to send them a casual email saying, are you still looking at getting more results from you're, and then whatever the product is about; are you still looking to get more leads into your business, if it's about [viral 00:04:35] for example. Are you still looking to get more leads into your business? Let me know, Wilco.

Just real casual. A non email what it's called. That's inspired by [doing the action but keeping it super, super short. A lot of people will respond because it feels like a genuine email. Obviously it doesn't work on every visitor, it only works for everyone who visit my site who previously has opted into my email list. I cannot just start sending emails to everyone who visit my site. Everyone who's on my email list and they visit my sales page for at least times but they don't make a purchase, I'm just going to send them out the casual email. A lot of people actually respond, I actually get a 20% conversion on that. That's pretty damn awesome for an email that only consists of couple of words. That's my second one. I highly recommend you to add it into your business as well.

Once someone actually makes a purchase, what I usually have in my business, I usually have some extra offers on the back end. Which means that right after they make a purchase, I might show them for example discounted product on another product so they might actually get access to that as well. Sometimes one, sometimes two, depends on the product. What I know is that a lot of people, they get access to a certain product and they already expect to see some other product. They already expect to see the next product. They might not even be interested in that so they just close it down and they haven't even seen both of them.

What I do is right after they make a purchase, I wait for roughly forty-five minutes, and then I send them a quick, casual email saying, Wilco here, I notice you just got access to a viral or whatever product it is. I don't come across as any sales or anything like that but I just wanted to make sure that you saw these discounts that we made available for you as well. If it's not for you, no worries at all, no pressure, but I just wanted to make sure you saw them and here are the links. Then I just add in the links of these extra offers that I made available. I don't want to pitch them on it, but I just want to make sure they're seen it. If you want to go one step further you could make sure that you only send out these emails if they did not visit those pages by actually checking whether they visited those pages. Using Active Companion, if you're using Active Companion.

That, if you would do like that and you would first of all check did they visit those pages? Only if they did not see any of those special discounted offers that you made available, only then you're going to send out that email to make sure got across as sales-y or pushy, or anything like the, because that's obviously not what you want for a brand new customer.

There you have it. Three of my most profitable email automations. They all consist of one email. One is just an abandoned cart email. If they enter their email address on the checkout page but they don't actually make a purchase, send them a quick email and ask them if there's anything wrong or can you help or anything like that. If they visit your sales page for at least X amount of time but they don't make a purchase, send them a casual email saying are you still interested in this? Let me know. Cheers, Wilco.

Finally, if they actually do get access to it and you have some extra offers on the back end. You have what's called a one-time offer or a special discount, but they don't take you up on that offer, they don't even check that page, just send them an email saying you just wanted to see if you got these pages. If it's not for you, no worries but I just wanted to make sure got them. Here are the links, and then you add in the links to the special offers.

These three email automations, they all just consist of one simple email, but they're incredibly, incredibly effective. I hope this helps and I hope it also inspires you to do more with email automations, because for me, like I said in the beginning of this podcast, I love it, I absolutely love it. I geek on this stuff, but that's because maybe I'm a bit of a marketing geek as well. I can spend hours and hours and hours on this kind of automations.

Sometimes I dive a bit too in depth, but those simple ones, they might even be my favorites because they're super-easy to set up, so every single time that I come up I can just easily add them into these products as well, and they work. They don't have to be complicated, just plain and simple. One email, boom, and it works. I really hope that this inspires you to implement those into your business as well, and I'd love to get your feedback on it as well. That's it for now, and I'll see you all in the next podcast.

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