Nov 8, 2016

The 2 Reasons Why Marketers Fail to Scale Their Business (And What To Do About It)

The 2 Reasons Why Marketers Fail to Scale Their Business (And What To Do About It)

On this very first episode, Wilco talks about what should you be doing to scale your business. Listen as he talks about what should you be automated or delegated and why it's ok to do things that are not scalable in order to grow your business.



Hey, hey, hey there. Welcome to this very first episode of this brand new podcast. My name is Wilco de Kreij, all the way from the Netherlands and I'm really, really excited today because this isn't just the very first episode of this podcast, it's also my very first podcast ever. I'm really excited and at the same time, a little bit nervous, but I figured, you know what, I'm just going for it. I'm going to press that record button and here I am sharing my thoughts with all of you.

Over the last thirty minutes or so, I've been asking myself what to talk about in this very first episode because in a way, you want to start with a boom. You want to make a good first impression, so the most logical thing for me to do would be to talk about my back story and to share with you what I've achieved so far to peak your interest and to build up my authority.

Now, the thing is, when I start talking to someone and I just met him or her and that person starts talk about himself all the time, I don't like it and I'm going to guess that you don't like that as well. I figured, I'm just going to skip that part. I'll save that for another episode, but right now, I want to talk about just something that's on my mind. What I'm doing currently to grow my business and when I say grow my business, what I really mean is scaling my business because in my personal opinion, there's a difference between growing your business and really scaling it. When I'm growing it, I'm like going for that, "Nya. I want to get some extra customers like on this month, I'm getting one hundred and then maybe next month one twenty, et cetera, et Cetera."

What I want to do as an entrepreneur, I want to achieve big things, right? I want to really scale it up. My goal is to get exponential growth. I mean, it doesn't mean that I actually get it. It doesn't mean that every single month, I'm doubling my business. Definitely not, right, but I am really striving for maximum growth. For that reason, I'm also deciding what actions do I take in order to get there.

The main question that I ask myself is before I do anything in my business, before I start, before I think of a new traffic source, and before I think about how can I optimize this conversions or before I think, "Hey ... " Anything I can do in my business, what I think, what I believe could be of impact of growth like it could be an extra traffic source, it could be a new conversion tactic, it could be a new marketing campaign, whatever it is, we're all doing stuff in order to grow our business.

The first thing I ask myself, "Could this thing that I'm planning to do, could it either be automated or delegated?" I mean, we all have the same twenty four hours in a day. If I start doing things that only I can do that cannot be delegated to someone else or cannot be automated, then, it's just a mater of time before my whole day is fully planned. There's nothing more to do.

In every part of my business, everything that I'm doing, if I have to do some things like certain actions, like before I even start doing it, I'm already thinking about, "All right. How can I teach this to someone else in my team," or, "How can I automated?" Because if I don't, then pretty soon, I'm going to maxed out, right? In the past I've had that before. When I was starting out as a solo entrepreneur and trying to do everything yourself, you know, you're driving your own Facebook ads, you're driving Google ads recheck campaigns, you're creating your own sales videos, you're trying to do everything yourself. At some point, there's no way you can handle it because like I said, we all have the same twenty four hours in a day.

Right now, everything that I do is really just I ask myself, "Can I automate it or can I delegate it?" Most of the times, the answer is yes. If it's not like if you really cannot automate or delegate it, then you really need to make a real conscious decision like, "Do you really want to do that?" Because there are some exceptions, right? For example right now, I'm actually working on a webinar which in a way it could be automated, but do not a webinar, but it's not as effective. It could also be delegated to someone else, but it's also not as effective because the truth is, it's most effective if I am actually doing it, the actual business owner and it's actually live.

In that sense, I'm making the conscious decision to do it, but I already have in mind like once I got that formula down, I am going to automate it or I'm going to delegate it. Either one of these two because there's no way I can keep on doing that same thing every single day or every single week because I just don't have the time. That's one of the matches that I want to share in this very first podcast.

It doesn't really matter if you're just starting out or if you already have a growing business, but try to think of all the things that you are currently doing in your business. Make a list of all the things you're currently doing, your whole to do list of the whole week and ask yourself, "From all of these things, what can I actually automate and what can I actually delegate to someone else?" Then, start working on that.

Sometimes it means that you have to put in a little of extra work in order to train someone. I've had that before. Sometimes it was just a simple task that I can just do. It's just twenty minutes a day. No worry, no big deal. Just training someone to do that the exact same thing actually takes quite a bit of time. I have to actually document it all. I need to make sure that they've got some backup in place. It's not always easy, but even if it just save me twenty minutes every single day, it's definitely, definitely worth it because at some point, you just could have been maxed out. You just need to actually leverage your time. You need to be smarter about it.

That's really the first thing I just wanted to share with all of you because I thought this is going to be relevant to everyone in my audience. It doesn't matter whether you're just starting out or really you're actually already have a growing business, but start thinking about, "What can I actually leverage? How can I leverage my time better in order to grow my business fast or no?"

I hope you like this very first episode. In the next episode, we're going to dive more in depth, but other than that, I just want to wish you an awesome day. Thanks for listening. Bye, bye.