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March 5, 2018

Five Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Product Launch (and Create a Huge Buzz Around It!)

Five Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Product Launch (and Create a Huge Buzz Around It!)

Over the last few years, I've done a few product launches. Quite a few of them have been, some would say, fairly big. πŸ™‚

I've gotten well over 100,000 people visiting my product launches, happening over a 5 or 6-day period. I'll leave you to decide whether you find that impressive or not. πŸ˜‰

To get to this kind of result, you're going to have to spend some time to prepare. It's not like you're going to create a new sales page, put it online, then suddenly see tens of thousands of people visiting your page.

You need a strategy in place. That's why I'm writing this.

There's a gazillion-and-one ways to drive traffic online, but I want to focus on the ones that have been most effective in my business, so that they can help you as well.

‍Here are the 5 main ways I've been using to drive traffic to my product launches.

1. Affiliates & Partners

What I would do a lot of the time is, before an actual product launch, I would take two or three months in advance to approach people. This would mean asking them, "Hey, are your customers interested in this?"

‍People who agree to help me promote the product get commissions from what their audience has spent on my product.

This might not mean much traffic if you only have one affiliate, but getting many people lined up to partner with you means tons of traffic over that 5 or 6-day period!

2. Facebook Ads

If you're not using Facebook ads, you are missing out! It's super targeted and can really help you build a clear-cut audience of people interested in getting your product.

There are (obviously) plenty of people on Facebook. It's a gigantic market that you can tap into quite easily, so don't miss out on the potential traffic you could be getting at your launch by not using Facebook ads!

3. Viral Marketing Using UpViral

This one is exciting! The first time I tried this out was a couple of years back when I was doing a product launch using The Perfect Launch Formula. This means that before my launch went live, I had three different content videos ready.

I would send out three different videos, and after every video (which people would watch for free), I would tell them, "If you get three of your friends to watch these videos as well, you'll get something cool from me!" This was a fourth video with some free training on top of it. All they needed to do was share with their friends. πŸ™‚

What happened was...

‍...This created a huge buzz in the industry!

‍I got a lot of people added into my email list, watching all these videos before the product went live. On top of that that, I got plenty more affiliates because they saw their customers sharing this product that was going live!

‍(This was the launch of ConnectLeads, by the way!)

‍It was phenomenal to see. I've done this quite a few times and the results have always been great. So if you want to get an awesome amount of traffic to your product launch, try using UpViral. I highly recommend it!

4. Your Own Audience

Relying on my email list is my number-one traffic strategy. But if you have other channels where you can reach your own audience, like your Facebook page, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, etc., you can turn this into a massive opportunity for more traffic!

Your audience already knows you and your brand, so tapping into them during product launches means you'll have a lot of interested people buzzing about your product (which can then bring in even more people!).

This is so often forgotten, but never underestimate the power of your own audience!

5. Content Marketing

This is a slower approach, but it is very effective, especially if you don't have the money, but you do have the time. Content marketing can make all the difference.

In advance, before the product goes live, you could start a blog. You could then post content related to your product on it, get people to share it, and build up an audience that's ready to see your product. You're building up a brand for people to get familiar with, so make sure your content is top quality!

With these methods, you're creating excitement for a product you're going to release, but through content marketing, you get to showcase what is great about you, your brand, and your product. You can even tell your audience the exact date of release to really get a buzz going!

These methods are sure to help you drive some great traffic into your product launches. Enjoy your newfound popularity, but make sure to release something you'll be proud of for years to come! Your excited audience will love you for it.

Have any stories about product launches that you'd like to share with me? Let me know in the comments!

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