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February 12, 2020

How to Get Referrals for Your Business

How to Get Referrals for Your Business

If you’re looking to grow your business, it’s no secret that referral marketing can be a powerful tool. New marketing strategies may arise, but referrals stand the test of time.

Here are the reasons why:

  • People love to share things! As social beings by nature, people share their experiences, discoveries, and ideas every single moment. For example, someone who’s seen a funny video which he thinks his friends will like, won’t hesitate to share the video on Facebook.
  • Referrals are not dependent on a platform. When people want to get the word out about something, they do it in different ways. They create a social media post. Shoot a live video. Send their friends a text message or email.
  • It leverages the trust factor. Trust is the factor that makes people buy or try something out. Here’s an interesting stat: 83% of online respondents in 60 countries trust the recommendations of their friends and family.

Getting referrals the right way can consistently bring you new customers or clients. The question is, how?

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How to Get Referrals for Your Business

Below is a list of strategies that are worth trying.

1. Ask for it from the right people, at the right time.

The simplest way to increase your customer referral is to ask for it. But heed this: You don’t want to reach out to just anyone at any time, or you might come across as desperate.

The right people to approach are your best customers. Which customers repeatedly buy from you? Which customers are happy with your product or service?


When it comes to the right time, it’s when you know you’ve provided value. Your prospects or customers may tell you that they appreciate what you do. Or you may find them sharing their success in using your tool inside your Facebook page.

Remember: Happiness/satisfaction increases referrals.

2. Provide excellent customer service.

The U.S. Small Business Administration states that 68% of customers leave a brand because they’re upset with how they’re treated.

Meanwhile, great customer service doesn’t just retain customers. More importantly, it compels those customers to tell others about their positive experience.

How can you be “referable” through excellent customer service?

Know your product well so that you can answer customers’ questions in a way that leaves them satisfied. Go the extra mile by meeting their immediate needs and challenges.

3. Make them feel like insiders.

You’ve probably heard about the secret bar in New York City-Lower East Manhattan called “Please Don’t Tell.

(Google it and see the amazing reviews. 😮)

In case you don’t know it, it’s a cool cocktail lounge that you can only access through a vintage phone box in the corner of a hotdog restaurant. You place your finger under the number 2 and dial. Someone at the other end of the line asks about your reservation.

Then a secret door opens. It’s the entrance to the bar!

Image credit: World’s Best Bars

Here’s what’s interesting:

Please Don’t Tell has never been advertised. And yet, it’s always in-demand. It seats only 45 people and no standees are allowed!

The bar certainly makes customers feel as if they’ve experienced something very special. It leverages exclusivity and scarcity.

If you use the same strategy in your business, they’ll be super excited to recommend you to others.

Create an offer and set specific criteria for those who can get it. Give special promotions to your most loyal customers!

4. Have a referral program in place.

Do you know what successful brands like Evernote, AWeber, and TOMS have in common? A customer referral program.

A referral program is a systemized way of getting customers to refer new people to your business. To reward their action, you offer them an incentive. That incentive could be a certain number of points which they can use for a product discount.

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5. Do a contest or giveaway.

Would you like to not just acquire referrals, but also to grow your email list and meet other goals?

Then run an online competition.

A referral contest or giveaway leverages word-of-mouth marketing. Your prize is the most important element of your campaign. It’s the key to entice your audience to share your campaign with their friends again and again.But what makes a great prize? A great prize is one that attracts your ideal customer and which your audience will find attractive and valuable.

Case study example:  

Corey Richard runs a Facebook group in the travel niche. After doing a contest where he gave away a 5-night stay at a 4-star hotel in Hawaii, he got as many as 520 leads in 5 days. Out of that 520 leads, 200 were referrals.

6. Inspire confidence.

If you can’t get some people to refer you through your referral program or contest, find another way.

Gaining their confidence isn’t easy. It takes time and effort but it’s worth it. Here are two ways to do it:

Create case studies.

Show real stories of how your customers were able to solve problems through your product or service. Case studies get referrals in two ways:

One, the subject of the case study will want to share it with their connections. Two, random visitors to land on your case study might share it if they’re impressed by the results!Build testimonials.BrightLocal’s consumer review survey in 2019 reveals that the average consumer reads 10 reviews before they’re able to trust a business. Another finding is that 76% trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from friends and family.How do you encourage more reviews and testimonials?A straightforward way is email. Send an email to customers who recently purchased. Don’t beat around the bush — ask away and include a link to the review page.Here’s an example from Casper:

Image credit: Reallygoodemails

Final Thoughts

There you have it… The ways on how to get referrals for your business. Let these suggestions jumpstart your efforts!

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