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March 8, 2017

How to Hack Email Marketing (and become an overnight "guru")

How to Hack Email Marketing (and become an overnight "guru")

In episode #17, Wilco will help you send out more effective emails through your email subscriber list without having to learn any copywriting or without having to learn anymore new skills and you can implement this right away into your business!




Wilco de Kreij, here back with you again for another episode of the Uncensored Growth podcast. And today I want to talk about email marketing. And more specifically, I want to help you become a better email marketer. I want to help you send out more effective emails through your email subscriber list without having to learn any copywriting or without having to learn anymore new skills and you can implement this right away into your business. It's a simple, yet effective strategy that I have been using over the last, I think the last year or so. And ever since I've ... Ever since I've implemented this strategy into my daily routine, it has not only helped me to improve all of my email marketing. It has not only helped me to get more results from all my email marketing but also it made all of my email marketing effort a lot easier.

You know. It's now easier and faster to write an email. I don't have to think a lot about it. And that's all because one powerful strategy that is actually in hindsight pretty obvious to do for some reason I never really did it until a year ago. And my guess is you've never done it as well. So as you may or may not know email. Email marketing is in my business. The number one most important thing. Right? Everything I do is all to get people on to our subscriber list and then from there, we try to bribe them or whatever you want to call it.

I try to get them or convert them into a customer. So not only are we doing that ourselves. So obviously our tools are focused on that as well so. We have UpViral which is all about building up your email list. True virality. By making sure all your subscribers will get that their friends to subscribe as well. So everything is all about email marketing and that is just and all because it works.

It plain works out. We actually did some tracking. I mean. Facebook for example, posting on facial construction media. It's nice and all but most of the sales happen after we sent out some emails. After we actually build a relationship through email marketing. That part you probably already knew so I am not going to talk about that too much but ... for me as a Dutch guy. For me its not always easy to write a good email. Right sometimes, sometimes I struggle a lot. But even if I know how to write it.

I often used to struggle with what should I actually send out. I mean there are so many different kinds of campaigns that you can send out to your email list. Right? You could be inviting, inviting them to a webinar. You could be trying to build a relationship with them. You could be sending some value. Maybe you want to sell something. Maybe you want to close, or close a certain offer by implementing scarcity into you emails. And obviously there's so many different ways to write all these emails and the good thing is that we have a ton.

And I mean like thousands, probably tens of thousands of smart marketers worldwide, who are doing it on a daily basis. Now what I used to do, is always, I always used to keep an eye on basically other people who I think are good email copywriters. Right so, I used to subscribe to their email list and I used to check their emails and say "Hey this is actually a good title or hey this is actually a very good email". But I never really, you know all I did was basically, I just thought of like alright I should remember to start it. "Oh Yeah, I should remember this kind of email. Oh hey maybe this email is actually nice to use in my automation or email sequence.

Right so, all the emails, I sort of remembered it so what I did a year ago, was I started categorizing all the awesome emails I got. So I am subscribed to a lot of emails, email list all in the same niche that I am, in the online marketing niche. And every single time, I see an email that stands out for a specific reason. I drag them into a specific folder. So I have various folders inside of my Gmail account. So everything is being collected inside, inside of a Google email, a Gmail account. And for example, some folders that I have is for example the first one is bonding. So if I see an email that really makes me feel like ... that they, that the person sending out an email really makes a closer connection with me as the reader. Its really bonding kind of campaign. I drag it to the bonding folder.

If I see a really well written closing or scarcity email. You know if they're doing a real good job on closing out an offer in a creative way that I think wow I can use this. I add it to my closing or scarcity folder, right. If I see really good headline, like a headline I just need to open. I just know I need to open it. I add it to my headlines folder. If there is a certain kind of email that tries to really engage me after I haven't been active on a certain email list, you know sometimes you recognize that kind of email. I add it to my re engagement folder. If there's a really good pitch. Like just a real good pitch and try to sell me something and one way or another they use a real clever hook. That I think "Hey, you know I could use this in one of my campaigns in the future". I add it to my sales and pitch category.

Right, if there's an email with really good story telling that I am just being sucked into the story. I start reading the email and right away I know like all right. Boom. This is a good story, right. This is something, I mean I would never ever, ever copy that story but sometimes you can take inspiration of a certain way of telling a story, right. So if I see an email like that, I add them to the storytelling one. If there's an email that asks me to basically answer something, right. If there is something, sometimes you get an email saying "hey how, how advanced are you on online marketing? Easy. Beginner. Advanced. Whatever". Like they ask you a certain question and you can click on any kind of link inside that email to identify your, your answer.

What they do on their end is obviously they start tagging you and now they know that you are for example, an advanced marketer or now that you have an email list of over fifty thousand people, what ever your answer is.

But sometimes when I see, when I see an email like that with a real good survey, a questionnaire inside of an email. I add it to my survey and questionnaire category, right. Same thing for writing an invite and also same thing if I see a really good value email in which someone shares a really good trick. So I have been doing that for about a year now.

I've been, every single time I see a good email. An email from another marketer that I would think "Wow this really stands out" I add it one of those categories that I just described. And the end result is that every single time that I need to do something. So for example, if I want to send out a webinar invite, I can just go to my folder of webinar invites and I see all the best ones that I have seen over the past year or two, right. So for a year, if I check it later it's going to be two years of data. So I would never ever, ever copy any of those emails but usually it's good to have some inspiration before I start writing an email. Because usually other marketers, they already have a good hook. They already came up with a good clever way of describing it or funny ways or a good headline or whatever.

So if I'm looking for a headline I can just go into my headline folder and I see all the clever headlines that at some point, at some point in time I have tagged as hey this is a good headline. And it just helps me so so so much. So every single time, instead of starting to start over, instead of having to come up with everything myself. I just have a glimpse in that specific folder, what the email is going to be about that I am about to write and it makes it so much easier to not only create something but also to create something creative and effective, right.

So if you are listening to this and you are doing any kind of email marketing. Which you should right? If you are not doing any kind of email marketing, you start your list right away. I mean head over to UpViral dot com for example and subscribe. And make sure, build your email list. Do what ever you have to you don't even have to use UpViral, if you don't want to.

But make sure to build that email list and also make sure to subscribe to other people inside of the same industry as your on. And every single time that you, you see an email that you think "Wow this is really clever. Hey, you know I should remember this add it to a folder so you can remember". Then ideally specifically create multiple folders, like I did, like I just told you. So for example if you see some bonding email, if you see some scarcity emails, specific headlines, if you see storytelling ones, if you see certain webinar invite, if you see value emails. Like create different kind of folders inside of your, inside of your email account and drag them into the right folder. And initially it might not help you as much but over time, you will have a data base of all the kind of things that you've seen in the industry, in your industry what you think is a really good email campaign. And it's just going to help you a ton.

And just in case you don't want to, you don't want a daily ... you don't want go through all of those emails and clutter inbox or whatever. I'd highly suggest to use a service called Enroll dot me. That is Enroll dot me. Its a free service. It works for Google email, G mail. It will basically, automatically remove all those emails from within your inbox. From you inbox but it will also send you a daily digest email of all the emails in just one email. So you will get just one email, every single day with all those emails inside of it. That's pretty awesome service. I use it a lot to keep my email books clean while I can still be on top of all those things, I want to be on top of. So highly, highly recommend it. So I hope that this helps and I will see you all or talk to you all in the next episode. Just bye bye.

"Most of the sales happen after we actually build a relationship through email marketing."

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