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Here’s What Our Customers Say About The Sweepstake Selling System & UpViral ❤️

Russell Brunson Testimonial

We have more than doubled the number of clicks we send to our funnels. Get UpViral it's really really cool!


Co-Founder, ClickFunnels
Michael Cooch Testimonial

Proven to be the simple, effective and affordable viral contest app we were looking for. It helped us build a responsive 30,000+ list in a new market.


Nathan Chan Testimonial

We were able to generate more than 3,000+ email subscribers, people who were super-targeted based on their interest in buying and supporting the book.


CEO, Foundr
Gisele Rebel Testimonial

Gisèle Rebel used THIS system to launch an all-new Ecom store from scratch with zero customers and zero leads, Yet, she generated 2 thousand leads and brought a little over 8 thousand dollars in profits.


CEO of Foodie Content Factory
Gabe Schillinger Testimonial

We were able to pull it off and did over $200,000 in sales and 42,000 leads! Which helped me realize that the ceiling on what I thought was possible in our industry is actually so much higher.


CEO & Founder of LegionBeats
TERRY MITCHELL Testimonial Image

Terry Mitchell generated over 92 thousand leads with THIS system. These are high-quality leads that turn into shoppers. I know because his list accounts for over 26.5% of his sales, it used to be only 9.5% before!


Co-Founder, Sew Much Easier
Joe Di Sien Testimonial

Generated 230,669 leads and produced more than half-a-million dollars in sales!


Marloes Collins Testimonial

After a fantastic, still running, UpViral campaign in Holland I am now ready for the next step, the English market! The numbers on my Dutch campaign: 43870 leads, 135554 visitors.


Director, Happy Living Academy

Sweepstakes are the #1 way for any business to generate a tsunami of email subscribers and customers with little to no ad spend.

With the Sweepstake Selling System, you'll get access to 10 done for you copy and paste templates any business owner can ethically steal to plug into their business.

That means you'll have sweepstake templates to deploy throughout the year to get a steady flow of new email subscribers and buyers…

Plus, act today for just $1 🔥 and you'll get instant access to UpViral (the #1 viral marketing software on the planet).

UpViral makes creating sweepstakes a piece of cake.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Access To For Just $1 Today 🚀

+10 of my most profitable sweepstake campaigns you can ethically swipe and deploy into your business in just minutes

Bonus 1 Templates
Bonus 1 Value 997

These templates can be used in a variety of niches. They can work for…

Coaches, consultants, e-com store owners, restaurants, digital product creators, hairdressers, travel agents, SaaS, gyms, and more.

Combined, these templates have a total value of $997 dollars.

Fill-in-the-Blanks Toolbox

Bonus 2 Tool Box
Bonus 2 Value 297

Not only am I literally going to hand you my top 10 most profitable sweepstake templates.

But, you're also going to get access to email templates, so you can engage your sweepstake participants and turn them into buyers.

Plus, you’ll also get access to my graphics templates which can be deployed on social media to attract your ideal customers.

What’s more, I’m also going to throw in my survey template to find the perfect sweepstake prize or incentive that will motivate your audience to enter and share with their friends & family.

Finally, you’ll get access to my simple sweepstake checklist which I use every time I create a sweepstake campaign.

That way you can guarantee you'll have everything set up correctly to maximize the number of email subscribers you generate from your sweepstakes.

Replay of My Most Recent Event: Monster Your List Growth Which is Exclusive to My Inner Circle Clients

Replay of My Most Recent Event: Monster Your List Growth Which is Exclusive to My Inner Circle Clients Image
Replay of My Most Recent Event: Monster Your List Growth Which is Exclusive to My Inner Circle Clients Price

Inside you'll discover how to create a viral sweepstake from scratch that grows your list at warp speed!

Plus, you'll discover how to pick the perfect prize and how to make an irresistible offer at the end.

That means each sweepstake campaign you run won’t just result in more email subscribers but more hungry buyers, too.

48 Case Studies For Inspiration

30+ Case Studies For Inspiration Image
30+ Case Studies For Inspiration Price

Often I make my biggest leaps in my career when I learn from what others are doing.

There's an old saying "success leaves clues".

Instead of trying to figure everything out on your own, you can gain inspiration from 48 business owners crushing it with viral sweepstakes.

Implementation Training

Implementation Training Image
Implementation Training Price

There's no point getting access to these sweepstake templates unless you take action, right.

I will get your first campaign up and running as soon as possible.

Within this training, I'll show you how to do just that in 30 minutes (or less).

14-Day trial to UpViral

14 Day Trial Image

UpViral is the #1 referral marketing software in the world.

We make creating and running sweepstakes a piece of cake.

We've already helped 32,600 businesses to generate 67,010,944 email subscribers.

UpViral is a tool that leverages 5 ways to generate email subscribers with little to no ad spend.

Plus, Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss and Neil Patel use our software to grow their businesses.

Click below to get instant access to the Sweepstake Selling System, UpViral & $2385 dollars worth of bonuses for just $1 🔥 (14-day trial)!

But, The Sweepstake Selling System & UpViral Is NOT For Everyone…

  • Look, if you're a business owner who's completely overwhelmed with how many email subscribers you have…
  • If you're full to the brim with customers and clients right now…
  • If you're unable to scale your business anymore whatsoever…

Then, the Sweepstake Selling System and UpViral is NOT FOR YOU.

  • But, if you're fed up paying top dollar on paid ads to get new email subscribers and customers…
  • If you're anxious that Facebook, Google, or any ad platform could shut your ad account down at any moment…
  • If you're looking to generate more email subscribers and customers with little to no ad spend…
  • If you're looking to take advantage of every method possible to build your email list and your customer list, then the Sweepstake Selling System and UpViral is for you.

The best part?

The Sweepstake Selling System & UpViral can work for literally any business 💪

It doesn't matter if you're a coach, consultant, Ecom store owner, digital product creator, service provider, or any business with a website, UpViral can help you.

Just like we’ve helped Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss and Neil Patel generate more email subscribers and buyers.

The Clock Is Ticking, So Don't Delay On This…

The Clock Is Ticking Image

I'm afraid to say that this offer will not be available for much longer.

In fact, if you click off this page now and check back again, this may not be available.

So make sure to act now to avoid missing out on this $1 14-day trial.

Remember, I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you…

That's why I'm throwing in $2,385 worth of bonuses.

Plus, you can cancel at any time within 14 days…

Here's how it works…

Join the Sweepstake Selling System and UpViral today.

Use everything as if it's your own during your 14 day $1 trial.

If at any point, you're not completely thrilled with the flood of email subscribers and customers coming into your business, then simply send me one email and we'll cancel your account.

There are no catches.

Even if you decide to cancel on the 13th day, you've got my word.

All you need to do is simply click below to get instant access to UpViral today for just $1, plus gain access to $2,385 worth of incredible bonuses.

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