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Business Monthly

(Regular Plan)
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • 25,000 Leads
  • Manage 3 Brands
  • Restrict by Location
  • A/B Split Testing
  • API + Zapier
  • Email Support

Business Yearly

(Black Friday Special)
$597/year (91% OFF)
  • Run Unlimited Campaigns
  • 25,000 50,000 Leads
  • Manage 3 6 Brands
  • Restrict by Location
  • A/B Split Testing
  • API + Zapier
  • Email Support
  • Viral Hacking Masterclass
  • Email Hacking Masterclass
  • Viral Launch Formula
  • Expert Letter
  • eContest Formula
  • Monster Your List Growth
  • Gamification 5-Day Bootcamp
  • ​Viral Referral Method Book
  • +50 in-depth Case Studies
  • 7 Ready-To-Go Campaigns
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks Toolbox
  • We Build Your Campaign!

The 3 biggest challenges marketing agencies are facing...

While every marketing agency out there is different, most of them are fighting these three challenges:

The first challenge is getting clients. How do you even stand out when every agency out there is offering the same thing; social media services, Facebook and Google ads, SEO, content creation…

Secondly, many agencies have difficulty keeping clients in, which is why beginner agencies are stuck in the client-acquisition hamster wheel.

And thirdly, operations & fulfillment. Most agencies spend way too many labor hours on each client to try to satisfy them… which makes it hard to scale.

With this in mind, it makes you wonder...

... IF ONLY there were a unique "blue ocean" offer that barely needs selling, is in high demand, delivers proven results, and is easy to deliver... 🤔

(Keep reading to find out 👇)

The REAL opportunity ChatGPT unlocked for agencies 🤑

In times of change, there is opportunity. But only for those who have their eyes open and can spot them…

By now, we've all seen what ChatGPT can do, but very few truly understand it's potential for agencies.

(Hint: It's NOT prompting to write copy for clients - anyone and their neighbor can do that).

The real opportunity is selling a proven, blue ocean marketing strategy that you fulfill using AI & ChatGPT. You essentially "sell" the outcome (meaning it doesn't require much selling at all).

After all, what would excite your potential clients the most?

Option #A: "I'll run some prompts to write your copy" (zzzz 😴 - anyone can do that these days)

Option #B: "I'll help you generate 5,000-10,000 leads without requiring any paid ads" (now THAT is a sexy offer 😍)

Easier said than done, right?

That's why applying ChatGPT on a proven marketing strategy is important. After all, ChatGPT by itself is... well, "just" ChatGPT.

ChatGPT + a proven marketing strategy = 💸💸💸

Here's how I discovered an effective strategy myself...

How One Weird Experiment Resulted In 17,026 Leads*

A few years back, I made a huge discovery.

At the time, I was fed up with all 'usual' traffic strategies like paid ads, SEO, and social media.

(I'll spare you the details, I guess you're all too familiar with algorithm changes, banned accounts, and ever-changing best practices).

As an experiment, I built a new site following these steps:

Upviral step 1

First, I created an opt-in page to collect email addresses.

upviral step 2

Instead of saying "thank you", I incentivized every lead to invite their friends.

upviral step 3

Only if they got enough friends to sign up they'd unlock their reward.

What happened next was... unbelievable 🤯

People shared their invite links e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.  On Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Messenger, and even their personal blogs.

And the friends they referred? They did the same thing - over and over.

Within 30 days, this experiment generated 17,026 targeted leads in a competitive market.

No ads, no SEO, no affiliates, nothing.

Just word of mouth.

* The full impact of this experiment continued beyond 17K leads, though...

This Discovery Led To 64 MILLION Leads (Changing An Entire Industry 🤯)

Once I realized the power of viral marketing, I dreamed of building a platform that fully automates this entire process from A to Z.

This dream became a reality when I started building UpViral, making it easy for any business to run viral & referral marketing campaigns.

You probably heard about UpViral, as it's considered the #1 viral marketing platform in the industry. It's often mentioned at conferences, and it's being used by people like Russell Brunson, Ryan Deiss, and many others.

As great as that sounds... when I launched UpViral, I was EXTREMELY scared 😱

"Will people use it?"

"Would it work for others like it does for me?"

Imagine my relief when one of the first customers (Matthew) collected 114,000 leads within the first 30 days... with his first attempt 🤯

Since that time, we've been obsessed with generating results*. Every day, our team is working tirelessly to constantly optimize and improve the platform to help our clients get even more leads into their business.

(* Keep reading to see why this is important for you as an agency owner)

As a result, we helped grow thousands of businesses.

Collectively, the platform generated 67,010,944 qualified leads using word of mouth. Below you'll see a couple examples:

Upviral Facebook Comment 2
Upviral Facebook Comment 3
Upviral Facebook Comment 4
Upviral Facebook Comment 5
Upviral Facebook Comment 7
Upviral Facebook Comment 9
Upviral Facebook Comment 11
Upviral Facebook Comment 12
Upviral Facebook Comment 15

My point is...

UpViral works extremely well to generate leads using word of mouth. It's proven to work over and over again.

(If you have ANY doubt about how well this works... do yourself a favor and Google some reviews yourself) 

Upviral Star Rating Icon
Rated 4.9/5 by 80+ entrepreneurs
Upviral Smart Marketers Image

By now, you may be thinking....

"Oh, this is where you tell me UpViral is awesome in every way, right?"


"The Good, Bad & Ugly Of UpViral"
(2 Critical Things It's Lacking)

Sure, as the CEO, I'm biased toward UpViral. And yet, I'm going to point out two critical things it's missing that you should know about.

To understand why this is important for agencies (especially if you want to take advantage of ChatGPT), I need to explain briefly about the platform first.

Using UpViral, you can easily create & customize viral referral campaigns by dragging & dropping.

Customize your campaign

Once set up, the platform automates virtually everything you can imagine. All the way from creating the invite links, tracking who referred who, sending out rewards, email automation, CRM integration, and a LOT more.

Smart leaderboard
Smart leaderboards
Unlockable incentives
Unlockable incentives
Social sharing
Social sharing
Fraud detection
Fraud detection
Auto-selected winner(s)
Auto-selected winner(s)
Scheduled campaigns
Scheduled campaigns
A/B testing
A/B testing
Retargeting & tracking
Retargeting & tracking
Custom domains
Custom domains

Over the years, we've fine-tuned the platform to the point that almost everything is taken care of.

Almost, except...

Shortcoming #1:
It Doesn't Write Campaigns Itself

Even though we've created countless templates across many different industries, we can't deny the fact that... a template as-is isn't good enough.

Although our templates do most of the heavy lifting, every business should  adjust the copy to their specific business and industry.

For example, the words on the opt-in page, in the email follow-up, etc. This has to be written by hand...

... until recently.

Welcome ChatGPT 👋

As I'm sure you've realized, ChatGPT is a much better copywriter than most. So where people once struggled to come up with the right words, they're now using ChatGPT to do the hard work for them.

The best part? ChatGPT is FREE to use.

As a result of using ChatGPT + UpViral, it's now much easier and faster to create new viral campaigns.

ChatGPT writes the words you need.

UpViral does the rest.

By now, you have started to see the opportunity I mentioned earlier, right?

Offering Viral Marketing (Fulfilled by UpViral + ChatGPT) = 🤑

By now, you understand how powerful UpViral is in growing email lists using word of mouth (unless you don't think 64 million leads isn't enough proof for your liking 🙃).

What's more, it doesn't rely on paid ads, SEO or social media.

That's why offering this as a service to your clients is a no-brainer. Not only does this stand out, making it easy to get clients excited about this... it also delivers outstanding results, making it easy to keep clients in.

And now, with the rise of ChatGPT, it's easier than ever to create these viral campaigns. That's why we recently received multiple inquiries from marketing agencies asking whether they could offer this as a service.

No wonder, because...

✅ It's a completely blue-ocean market (not many agencies offer this) 
✅ It doesn't require much additional investment from the client (like ad spend)
✅ It's in high demand (ask any client who'd like to get more free traffic & leads)
✅ The strategy is mainly set & forget
✅ You can bolt on additional services on the back-end

There is just one "little" problem...

Shortcoming #2:
We Didn't Have Agency Licenses YET

So far, there was no way agencies could leverage this opportunity because UpViral didn't have any Agency licenses yet.

That's changing today.

At least, for some of you. We don't publicly offer an Agency Plan until later this year, but given the opportunity for agencies, we couldn't deny this any longer.

(Thanks to those who kept asking about this, you know who you are 😉)

That's why, starting today...

We're Letting In 100* Agencies
Into UpViral Agency (Early Bird)

* We close registrations after 100 accounts [9 are left]
OR May 2nd at midnight - whichever comes first.

The reason why we're only letting in 100 agencies is two-fold:

#1. By capping it at 100 accounts, we can focus on delivering a quality service for agencies before we open up to the larger public at the full price.

#2. Since there will only be 100 agencies with a license, there'll be a stronger "blue ocean" effect for our clients.

That said, this early bird offer isn't for everyone.

Have a look at our site, and you'll see that UpViral Premium plan is $299/month (x 12 = $3588/year). Although great for end-users, this plan isn't for agencies as it's capped at 10 only brands and 100,000 leads.

When you sign up to UpViral Agency today, your account won't have these restrictions.

✅ You'll be able to use your account for unlimited clients, brands or websites.

✅ You'll be able to collect 250,000 leads inside your account.

Given that regular, non-agency clients happily pay us $3.5k/year, you'll understand the agency plan requires a serious investment.

First, let me share what else you'll get when you sign up today.

Bonus #1 Agency Owner Secrets

Double Account Limits – we’ve doubled the number of leads and brands you’d normally get with an UpViral Business Account 💪

With this Black Friday special you’ll be able to collect 50,000 leads, which is TWICE the amount our regular business customers get. You can get unlimited traffic and use your account on 6 different websites.

(Value: $1428 yr.)

Bonus #2 Vira Hacking Masterclass Image

My complete masterclass on how to run viral marketing campaigns that skyrocket your email list, generate a spike of new customers, and bring extra profits for your business.

These strategies and tactics work for any type of business, in any niche…

And bring FAST results!

This 7-module masterclass covers…

Viral marketing fundamentals

The psychology of persuasion (vital for viral marketing success!)

Secrets of high-performing viral campaigns

Viral email marketing strategies for outstanding results

Free traffic secrets to boost your leads and sales

…and more, way more!

A small group of coaching clients paid me top-dollar to learn these time-tested secrets, evergreen viral marketing strategies, and tactics from me…and you’ll get them included with your purchase today for no-extra charge.

(Value: $997)

Bonus #3 Email Hacking Masterclass Image

In this masterclass you’ll discover the secrets of how to use powerful email automations to turn your UpViral leads into paying customers who eagerly buy from you again and again…

You’ll learn how to:  

Create an email indoctrination sequence that trains subscribers to open ALL your emails (and helps keep your emails out of the dreaded “Promotions” tab too!)

Write a value based email sequence that automatically segments your list by interest (to massively boost your conversion rates!)

Design a ‘special offer’ sequence with a unique unsubscribe hack that boosts sales

Sell beyond your wildest expectations with a webinar follow-up sequence designed to pump up excitement and desire for your offer

Boost your e-Commerce sales with an irresistible abandoned cart sequence

(Value: $297)

Bonus #4 Viral Launch Formula Image

Discover how my viral traffic twist on the classic “Product Launch Formula” can help your business drive massive engagement, leads & sales for your next product with only a tiny (or zero!) budget for paid traffic.

You’ll get:

13 over-the-shoulder bite-sized videos that explain the entire ‘VLF’ process, step-by-step

2 in-depth case studies to inspire your own winning product launch campaign (big ‘aha’ moments ahead)

My entire product launch swipe file–get the exact video scripts and high-converting email campaigns I use for my own product launches (just tweak them for your own product and deploy!)

(Value: $297)

Bonus #5 Expert Letter Image

Discover how to create a highly-profitable newsletter people can’t wait to read and purchase from...using other people’s content (think: theCLIKK, Morning Brew, 1440 Daily Digest, Stacked Marketer, etc.)

Crucial initial preparations to create your profitable newsletter

How to find content for your newsletter

Create a landing page that draws in subscribers like a magnet

Promote your newsletter to get even more leads

How to leverage the entire system using viral loops for infinite free traffic and leads

(Value: $297)

Bonus #6 eContest Formula Image

eContest formula is modeled after a  3-Step System used by the world’s most successful Ecom brands to bring in fresh leads and sales daily...without influencers, paid ads, or SEO.

After completing this course, you’ll see a spike Of NEW Customers to your Ecom Store like no other!

You’ll receive:

In-Depth Video Training

Interactive Mindmap

Case Studies from 6, 7, & 8 figure eCommerce businesses

20 High-Converting Email Swipes

Graphic Templates

Viral Calculator

“Terms & Conditions” Template

Ultimate List of Contest Submission Sites

The eContest Formula checklist

eContest Formula Traffic Secrets Masterclass

(Value: $197)

Bonus #7 Monster Your List Growth Image

Future-proof your business by growing your email list faster, bigger, and more profitably than ever before using my little-know hacks.

Get access to my complete plan to grow your list to epic proportions in 2024:

Your complete roadmap to creating explosive list growth for your business for the coming year and beyond

Position your business to cash in with a potent combo of email marketing & gamification

(Value: $47)

Bonus #8 Gamification 5-Day Bootcamp Image

Our users have collected over 57 millions leads, and most of it was achieved through a unique Gamification Strategy. In the 5-Day Bootcamp we hold you by the hand to help you implement it!

Discover the gamification strategy to grow your email list at warp speed with little to no ad spend.

Generate more email subscribers in 5 days than you have done in the past 30 days.

Why the old way of getting leads is dying with skyrocketing ad costs and iOS14 updates, and why gamification is cheaper and way more profitable.

(Value: $47)

Bonus #9 Viral Referral Method Image

When you buy our Black Friday deal you’ll automatically pre-order a copy of our brand-new book ‘Viral Referral Method’.

This book is jam-packed with all the valuable information we have, plus, all the secrets of what’s been working extremely well for our customers who have collectively generated over 67M leads. No fluff!

We will ship a copy to your physical address after your purchase.

(Value: $27)

Bonus #10 50 in-depth case studies

For your UpViral campaign inspiration, we’ve gathered case studies from some of our most successful customers in a wide variety of niches and markets.

Hint: these case studies are powerful! I’ve used many ideas from them for my own top campaigns!

(Value: Priceless!)

Bonus #11 7 Ready-to-go Campaigns

We begged and pleaded with some of our top customers to share their entire campaigns with you...and you can import them into your UpViral account with just a click (without any tedious copy/paste.)

Use them to set up your campaigns in just minutes!

Comes complete with fully-editable contest & share pages, entire email campaigns and much more.

(Value: $297)

Bonus #12 Fill-in-the-Blanks Toolbox

Make your UpViral campaign an off-the-charts success with a complete campaign checklist, high-converting email templates, graphic templates and editable done-for-you terms & conditions pages.

(Value: $197)

Bonus #13 Expert Campaign buildout Image

We’re pulling out all the stops for Black Friday with something we’ve NEVER offered before. 

Our team of experts will create your first campaign for you, so there's literally zero guesswork and you’re set up for success.

You’ll simply fill out a form to provide us with some information and we'll do all the work for you, no matter what niche you’re in, or what product or service you're selling!

This bonus alone almost ensures that you’ll get 100% of your investment in this Black Friday offer back.

(Value: $1000)

What You'll Gain With UpViral Agency

What you gain with Upviral Agency Image

By saying "yes" to the early bird deal of UpViral Agency, here's what you'll gain:

✅ You'll be one of the selected few with access to UpViral Agency.
✅ You'll be able to offer a "blue ocean" service to your clients that not many agencies offer.
✅ You'll have the most elite plan of UpViral, having full access to all functionality.
✅ Your account can be used for unlimited clients, brands, and websites.
✅ Your account can store 250,000 leads.
✅ You can offer a wide variety of services, like referral campaigns, viral waiting lists, sweepstakes and more.
✅ You'll get 20+ professionally designed templates that you can use (they work great on sales meetings too).
✅ You'll get 45+ detailed case studies across many different industries as a source of inspiration for you or your team.
✅ You'll get in at a fraction of what UpViral Agency will cost in the future.

Are you excited to get started?

UpViral Yearly Business Plan & Special Bonuses
(Black Friday Special)

Upviral Yearly Business Product Image

UpViral Yearly Business Plan


Bonus 1: Double Account Limits

  • 25,000 50,000 Leads
  • Manage 3 6 Brands


Bonus 2: Viral Hacking Masterclass


Bonus 3: Email Hacking Masterclass


Bonus 4: Viral Launch Formula


Bonus 5: Expert Letter


Bonus 6: eContest Formula


Bonus 7: Monster Your List Growth


Bonus 8: Gamification 5-Day Bootcamp


Bonus 9: Viral Referral Method Book


Bonus 10: +50 in-depth Case Studies


Bonus 11: 7 Ready-To-Go Campaigns


Bonus 12: Fill-in-the Blanks Toolbox


Bonus 13: We Build Your Campaign!


🛡️ PLUS: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Yours Today for Only
$6556 $597
(That’s a Massive Savings of 91%!)
Get UpViral Yearly & Black Friday
Bonuses for Only $597
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Cancel Anytime
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Friendly 24/7 Support

One More Thing...

When you join today, you’ll be grandfathered into this special price. So that you won’t have to pay the full price ever again, and you won’t have to worry about price increases in the future.

In other words, we’re NOT here to hook you with a low price for the first year and then charge the full price later. No, we don’t run our business like that. 😉

When you say “yes” to this early bird offer, you get the best deal forever -- as long as you keep your UpViral account.

Remember: Time’s Ticking… ⏳

This 91% off discount and special bonuses are EXCLUSIVELY available on this page..

And ONLY available for a limited time, until the countdown timer below hits zero…

So hurry up…Grab this deal before it’s gone:

Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Trophy Bubble Icon

Once you see the incredible power of compound conversions working in your business... yielding a ton of fresh leads and sales day in day out... you'll see why UpViral has over 32,500+ happy users.

And, if for any reason at all UpViral doesn't become a central pillar to your business within the next 30-days, we'll give you a full refund, unconditionally, no questions asked.

So, take advantage of our unconditional moneyback guarantee TODAY, because the SOONER you start the bigger your rewards.


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Upviral Team Signature Image
Get UpViral Yearly & Black Friday
Bonuses for Only $597
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Friendly 24/7 Support

Powering 32,600 businesses around the world

Upviral Capterra Logo

UpViral Reviews

Upviral Capterra Reviews Image
Testimonee gabe


"Because of UpViral, we were able to pull it off and did over $200,000 in sales! Which helped me realize that the ceiling on what I thought was possible in our industry is actually so much higher."


Robert Stone Testimonial
Abdel Mussa Image

"Upviral Has Easily Paid For Itself!"

"Because of UpViral, we were able to pull it off and did over $200,000 in sales! Which helped me realize that the ceiling on what I thought was possible in our industry is actually so much higher."


United Kingdom
John Dowdy Image
Russell Brunson Image

" UpViral is super cool!"


Michael Cooch Image

Responsive Leads

"UpViral has proven to be the simple, effective and affordable viral contest app we were looking for. It helped us build a responsive 30,000+ list in a new market in less than six months."


Bradley Waldrop Testimonial


Judy Jong Image

"I'm A Newbie At This!"

"I had the privilege to be on of the beta testers of UpViral... So far I've already added 450 leads to my account... This may not seem like a lot, but I am a newbie with this by no means a Facebook guru... Getting 450 from my small niche websites is a LOT harder, so I will definitely continue building my list using UpViral!... You have a fan Wilco and I am sure other people will love UpViral too... Keep up the good work!"


The Netherlands

"31 super qualified leads in 48 hours!"

Too much! Especially in the low cost and ease of use. So much potential with it!


Annie Le Testimonial


"Nothing Compares to UpViral!"

"I've used several plugins and giveaway software in the past but none of them are comparable to UpViral... This is definitely one of the BEST investments I had made to Gracious Watch... I grew my subscribers to over 10,000 subscribers in just a few short months and received many emails from my readers for organising such an interesting and fun giveaway"


Gracious Watch


"Best Invention Since Sliced Bread!"

"Thank you Wilco and UpViral team for the WhatsApp share feature. This is the best invention since sliced bread!"


Corey Richard Testimonial

"1 Led Per Second!"

"Right now we are hitting 1 lead per second... this is insane... 27k leads in 2 days... and to be honest I didn't believe something like this could happen... my client is going crazy!"


Ryan Egan Testimonial


Kenneth Kemis Moncur Testimonial
Steven VD Peijl Image

"740 Organic Leads in 2 Weeks!"

"UpViral has a huge impact on 2 of my projects! On the first project I used it to build up an early bird list which got us 740+ leads in just 2 weeks (all organic) with a 289.2% compound conversion rate!... When applying the same strategy to our second project it generated 1000+ leads!... I highly recommend using UpViral in your business. Wilco's products are always top-notch!"


Dinh Van Dai Testimonial
Arthur Jansen Image

"The Results Are Amazing!"

"UpViral is a wonderful tool that enables you to reach skies of online marketing. The results are amazing!"


The Netherlands
Barney Kuntze Testimonial
Paul Kutilin Image

"9000 Leads in 2 Weeks!"

"We used UpViral to promote our congress (local event) and the results were... shocking. We got more than 9000 leads through this tool in two weeks! We will definitely use UpViral for our other projects in the future. Thanks a lot for this tool!"


Faruk Barber Image

"Viral Referral Marketing At Its Best!"

Thanks yo Wilco, even guys like me can start building huge lists!


The Netherlands
Adam Baetu Testimonial


Nikolai Leuveld Image

"UpViral Rocks!"

"UpViral Rocks! We spent a little less than €200 on ad spend to promote our UpViral giveaway, resulting in 4,339 subscribers and €16.320 in revenue within 6 weeks (and from there it kept on going). Been using it ever since!"



Aldo Novak Image

"I HAVE To Tell You How Impressed I Am!"

"After one of your videos I decided to give it a try. The results? Well, 10 minutes after publishing the link at Facebook, I received 20 new leads. Now, I have got 718 leads with ONE campaign! Wow!! THANK YOU!"


Christine Sutherland Testimonial
Travis Luedke Image

"Well Over 15,000 Leads!"

"I have found UpViral is more effective than any other giveaway software/platform I've tried... It's my "go-to" lead collecting tool for all my giveaways. It's so versatile, with so many options, I'm still playing with it to learn new ways to use it. To date, I've collected well over 15,000 leads with UpViral."




Visitors in 7 Days!

"We started UpViral operations in December 2015. I received approximately 17,000 visitors in the first 7 days. Much more than I planned...

There onwards the speed slowed to approximately 1100 signups and later to 700 signups daily... The best part was that the users were sharing my website by approximately 3 shares per visitor. Thanks for helping me out in running my viral campaigns. I have recommended UpViral to my friends also!"


Robert Farrell Testimonial

Leads in a Week!

"Amazing! Thanks, Wilco!"


"I'm A Fan For Life!"

"I don't advocate for products, but you guys are really on to something huge here, great job!"


Dekel Dayan Testimonial

"Leaps & Bounds Ahead!"

"Simply put, it works. UpViral is leaps and bounds ahead of all other applications I considered. My first campaign began collecting leads straight away, 2 weeks in and I'm already at 500+ leads."


United States
Renia Pruchnicki Testimonial


Joe Di Siena Testimonial
Get UpViral Yearly & Black Friday
Bonuses for Only $597
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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What happens next year on my renewal date? Will my annual subscription rate climb to the rate that’s current at that time?

Good news—your renewal fee is grandfathered in. You’ll pay the exact same $597 this time next year for your UpViral annual subscription (an equivalent of only $49.75 per month.)

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

Absolutely not. Cancel at any time.

What types of industries does UpViral work for?

Upviral works for nearly any industry you can imagine—from local business (including restaurants, service-based businesses, home-based business and brick & mortar retail shops) eCommerce, podcasters, book-authors, coaches and consultants, software & apps, events, travel, and more.

What if I don't have an email list yet?

Ideally, you’ve already built a small audience for your UpViral campaign but it’s not a strict requirement.

We have numerous case studies on file from customers who built large email lists starting from scratch in as little as one month or less. UpViral is the shortcut you need to start building a lucrative email list—without waiting months for results.

How long is this special offer available?

Only until Friday November 26th at 11:59pm Pacific.

Do I need any other tools to run my UpViral campaigns?

1) An autoresponder to capture email addresses (so you can email your UpViral leads again in the future.)  Note:  Many popular autoresponders offer free or low-cost trials.

2) A platform to sell offers to your new UpViral leads. This needn’t be costly—you can get started for free with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin.

Will UpViral work with my current website?

Yes! UpViral works perfectly with custom domains (or if you choose, you can also host your campaign on our secure cloud-based server.)

What if I already have an UpViral account?

If you’d like to take advantage of the huge savings and bonuses available for this offer, go ahead. Then let us know you’ve purchased (at support@upviral.com), and we’ll promptly cancel your existing UpViral subscription.

Is UpViral mobile responsive?

UpViral campaigns render beautifully on phones and tablets to make it easy for people to enter your sweepstakes and giveaway events.

Does UpViral have built-in fraud protection?

Yes! UpViral reports fraudulent activities and verifies emails to protect the integrity of your campaigns.

Can I integrate UpViral with my other tools?

UpViral works seamlessly with over 1000 platforms, including:

  • GoToWebinar, Webinar Jam, Everwebinar
  • Active Campaign, ConvertKit Drip, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Sendlane
  • ClickFunnels
  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • And many more

Does UpViral work in multiple languages?

It’s a big world out there, and UpViral supports ALL languages. Conquer your local market, or go after new profitable markets located anywhere in the world.

Do you offer support to help me get started with UpViral?

You’ll not only find a series of QuickStart videos to walk you through every aspect of setting up your first UpViral campaign, you’ll also have access to our world-class support team to answer all your questions.

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